5 Tips for Writing a Good Essay

5 Tips for Writing a Good Essay. Are you a student looking for tips that can help you in writing a good essay? If yes, then, you are reading the right article. It will discuss some tips to essay writing that can help you in your next essay, be it a short or a long one.5 Tips for Writing a Good Essay

5 Tips for Writing a Good Essay

Essay writing sounds easy but can be very challenging. It takes a whole lot of time and research to write a good essay successfully. In college applications and examinations, students are often asked to write a good essay.

It is used to test their thinking and writing skills. However, there are essay writing tips that can make writing fun for you no matter the type of essay you are writing. Below are some of them:

Select an Interesting Topic

The secret to any good essay is the topic used. Take some time to read the question carefully and think of topic ideas that will catch your reader’s interest. Pick the best on your list and pen it down.

Write Down Ideas about your Topic

Before you start writing, you should gather enough data on your topic to make your writing more fluid and save time. Make sure to brainstorm for ideas on your topic and gather information from reliable sources like Wikipedia. Also, don’t forget to arrange your ideas in paragraphs and in the right order.

Introduce Your Essay with a Thesis Statement

It is important you introduce your essay with a thesis statement. A thesis statement will state your opinion and ideas on the topic in summary. Your thesis statement should be in the first paragraph of your essay.

Make Use of Simple Language

Another tip on how to write a good essay is simple diction. When writing your essay, ensure to use clear language that your reader can understand. Also, make sure to use an active voice. Let your reader be able to get the ideas you are trying to pass across.


Before submitting your essay, ensure to go through it and make changes where necessary. This will help you to notice errors and edit them to improve the quality of your writing. As a good writer, you should also check for plagiarism.

Frequently Asked Questions

You must have already learnt some tips on how to write a good essay. However, this section will give you more help on writing an essay:

What are some of the qualities of a good essay?

There are some qualities which every good essay possesses. These are: a clear introduction, thesis and conclusion. A good essay should also be coherent.

What are the essentials of good writing?

When writing your essay, you should note that every good essay is short, direct, simple and readable.

What is the format for a 5-paragraph essay?

A five-paragraph essay starts with an introductory paragraph. A body with three paragraphs and containing the main ideas then follow. To conclude, one paragraph is used to summarize the ideas used in the essay.

In conclusion, the most important tip to writing good essays is constant practice. As they say, practice makes perfect. If you want to improve your writing skills, you must practice writing at any chance you get.



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