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Dreamstime is a stock photo agency that started in the year 2000 as a selling website selling royalty-free images and was redesigned as a “community enabled” microstock provider in 2004. As one of the early players in the microstock business, Dreamstime has garnered a great reputation and is amongst the top companies in the space. This company offers a library of over 85 million royalty-free stock images and has affordable prices and quality service.



With over 120 million stock photos, which makes it the world’s largest stock community, with over 20 million users, Dreamstime sells photos on demand with credits for cheap prices depending on size and level, and credit pack used. The best prices come with subscription plans. Thus, you can choose your plan duration from one month up to one year and your download volume, getting photos for low prices.

Dreamstime Benefits

There are lots of benefits you get from the Dreamstime platform, I will be telling you some of the benefits.

  • It is a valid option for buying cheap stock photos from a reliable outlet.
  • Stands as one of the top stock photography agencies which are a popular buyer and contributor stock photo agency.
  • Even though Dreamstime’s focus is on the image, it also focuses on a community-based development model which is known as the Dream Team. With the Dream Team, they successfully engage their members in keyword development, blog article submissions as well as site revision to create the Dreamstime tribe. This community model has been able to maintain a devoted membership and grown its success as a stock photo agency.

Dreamstime Particulars

Below are the Dreamstime particulars:

  • Languages include English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, and Polish.
  • There are free weekly images and a free image galleries.
  • It is an active blog (over 5 posts per day and member-generated), forums, and message boards for buyers and photographers as well, providing: tips, discussions, help, and tools.
  • You can search by keywords, categories, collections, file type, orientation, and license type. The company enlists its community as Dream Team members to work on the search and keyword functions to make sure that the images and files can be searched in-depth.
  • Dreamstime corporate headquarters is in Brentwood, USA.
  • The FAQ is extensive and is designed for members and contributors. This section is designed to find answers.

Dreamstime Credit and Subscription-Based Currency Options

The Dreamstime credit and subscription template still remain one of the easiest to use. It clearly outlines what options are available, enables multiple currencies (that instantly know your geographical location), and is very clear when it comes to pricing per credit.

An exclusive process to Dreamstime happens to be their pricing system that depends on the popularity (number of downloads) of photos. The price of a photo or the number of credits required to purchase an image or file could be 3-5 credits more in a few months if it is downloaded more than 5 times by the membership database. This has an effect both on the credit and subscription payments.

Credit Buying Options

If you want to know the credit buying options on the Dreamstime platform then read below:

  • Users can purchase credits in predetermined packages or via a custom selection option.
  • Credits begin from as low as 93¢, with a maximum price of $1.25 per credit with the credit package plan.
  • The custom selection is tagged with a minimum credit purchase of 110 credits at 93¢. Thus, the more you buy, the less credit you spend.
  • Requires a minimum of 8 credits to begin in their pre-bundled credit packages, which costs $9.99 (equal to $1.23 per credit).
  • With credits starting at 50 credits, extended licenses can be purchased.

Credit Advantages

Here are some of the advantages of credit:

  • Custom and pre-packaged options.
  • Extended licenses can be bought with credits.
  • Credit-based service enables you to purchase just one image at a time.
  • There’s an extensive image Terms FAQ, that explains the credit cost of images and files for members.
  • Credits can be used for the purchase of multi-seat licenses.

Credit Disadvantages

Here are some disadvantages of credit:

  • Credit is a bit pricey (starting at $1.23).
  • Photos pricing, depends on the number of downloads which can greatly raise the cost of purchasing the pictures. There’s no guaranteed image price for all images.

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