Email Marketing Platform: Best Email Marketing Platforms to Integrate With Your Business

Are you looking for how to make more out of your business? I’m very sure that your answer is yes, if so then what you need is the right email marketing platform. Now you may be wondering why email and not social media, well the reason is that email converts roughly thrice better when compared to social media.

Email Marketing Platform

Email Marketing Platform

Getting the right email marketing platform is what you need for a successful impact on marketing your business. In this post, we shall be listing and discussing some of the best email marketing platforms on the internet.

Email Marketing Automation

Before we proceed any further, it is important you know that when starting a business, you should have email marketing and at the same time, automation of the same.

Email marketing platform helps you automate your email marketing and this, in general, helps you to do the following;

  • Automate your marketing workflows,
  • Visualize your statistics and
  • Send better emails.

Email marketing automation also enables you to make and send relevant, timely, and personalized emails to your contacts from your email list.

Best Email Marketing Platform

We already said we are going to be discussing some email marketing platforms, here it is the best of these email marketing platforms we shall be discussing.


Active campaign helps grow businesses and make connections with customers and potential customers. The major tools used by active campaigns are email marketing and CRM, though there are many more tools used. If you have up to 500 active contacts, active campaign charges $9/month for a yearly subscription and $15/month for the monthly subscription, you also get 2 weeks free trial with up to 100 active contacts.


This one is among the first email marketing platform, though some say it is the first. With AWeber, you can build emails with drag and drop builder, this platform also gives you fast and easy to be implemented sign up forms and banners built-in in your email. AWeber charges $19/month with up to 500 active contacts, 14% discount on quarterly subscription, and 14.9% discount on annual subscription. A 1-month free trial is available.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is one of the biggest and fastest-growing email marketing platforms, mostly used by starters as it manages email lists, email templates, contacts, marketing calendars, and others with ease. If you have up to 500 active contacts, constant contact will charge you $20/month, 10% quarterly discount, and 10% annual discount. You get a 2-months free trial and 100% payback if you wish to unsubscribe after the trial.


This is a very powerful and easy to use email marketing platform though it is popular among professional bloggers and authors. If you spend more time on creating content than on email marketing then this is the one for you. For up to 1000 active customers, ConvertKit charges $29/month for a monthly subscription and $25/month for a yearly subscription. You also get 2 weeks free trial and 30 days payback.


Drip is quite new and also very powerful; its services are aimed at bloggers, marketers, and eCommerce site owners. One of the services offered by drip is its clear understanding of the intentions of clients. If you have up to 100active contacts, drip gives you a free account, for contacts up to 2500, drip charges $49/month. You get 2 weeks free trial and a 30-days payback policy.

These are some of the most popular email marketing platforms though we still have some like Newsletter2Go, MailChimp, MailerLite, GetResponse, and Keap.

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