Riot Games Royalty-Free Album for Streamers and Creators – Riot Games Album Sessions: Vi Details

Riot Games Royalty-Free Album for Streamers and creators. If you happen to be a streamer or a video creator that happens to be afraid of getting hit with a copyright strike, then no need to worry because riot games have found a solution.

Riot Games Royalty-Free Album for Streamers and Creators

The company just recently launched “sessions: Vi,” a new album of “completely free” music for creators and streamers to make use of during their live streams, in their videos, and any other thing that needs it. even if they happen to monetize their content.

Riot Games Royalty-Free Album for Streamers and Creators

To simply put it, you cannot make use of any music track for your live streams and videos. This would further result in a copyright strike, and this might involve anything from losing the ability to monetize a video to jeopardizing their account. Paying to use music is another option, but if you cannot afford to do that, you would be left with making use of royalty-free music that often comes with an upfront cost.

Royalty-Free Album Sessions: Vi

Riot Games Music recently released “Sessions: Vi” as an album that is free for anyone to make use of. You can play the music in the background while streaming your game to add some ambiance to your Video or just simply add it as a soundtrack for non-live videos that are uploaded to the platforms just like YouTube and TikTok. Riot’s full guidelines for making use of the content can be found in this link.

The Full album has been totally uploaded to YouTube, along with other major platforms like Apple Music, Deezer, Spotify, and Amazon Music. These platforms happen to be the best option for you if you are looking forward to streaming Music in the background of content. You can choose to also dead over to the Riot’s Session web page to download the Album directly.

Riot Games Album Sessions: Vi Details

The album would offer you access to around 37 tracks that you get to add to your project using video editing platforms. Riot stated that this would not only be a free music album offered to streamers and creators. Although nothing has been stated concerning when the next album would drop, the company stated that they would provide updates on their social media accounts when it launches later in the year


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