Google Pay on the App Store: Send and Receive Money Anywhere Using Google Pay

“Google Pay on the App Store”. Google pay, popularly known as google wallet, is an app that allows the users of android and iOS to be able to send and receive money from family and friends electronically. Although Android users have the advantage of making purchases via google sites like google play and also make other purchases from stores that are making use of payments accounts like debit or credit cards that were stored in the app.

You have the choice of adding multiple payment methods to the app if you please. It is important to know that you using your credit and debit card through the app is just the same as you using the actual cards. Should in case you are to be reward points for making use of certain cards, you are still likely to receive them if you use the card through the app too.

Google Pay on the App Store

Google Pay on the App Store

Google pay app, is like the normal thing you do when paying for anything you want, like paying for a new car or a movie ticket without the use of a card. The google pay app automatically transforms your finances to high tech by giving you the opportunity to make a combination of all your accounts in one secured place.

The best part is that it transforms your phone into your personalized bank, allowing you to transfer money or make other payments within a short time. Although some of the features of the Google pay are limited by country, even though this can change in time, it is important to understand that there are some limitations depending on where you reside or do your business.

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About Google Pay

Google Pay popularly called G Pay, is a digital wallet and online payment method that was developed by Google on mobile devices to make it easier for users of watches, tablets, or android phones to make payments. It was first launched on September 11, 2015. Furthermore, the google pay app supports coupons, store cards, public transportation tickets, boarding passes, student ID, movie tickets, the lists goes on.

Google pay makes use of near field communication (NFC) to convey the information on the card that eases the process of funds transfer to the retailer. It is similar to contactless payments that are used in various countries, google pay has no card limit and requires a screen lock to be set on the phone. The service is well secured, it keeps the user’s payment information private, sending a onetime security code instead of details concerning the user’s card or accounts.

How to Setup Google Pay App

Setting up a Google pay app is quite easy, the procedures are listed below;

  • First, download the Google pay app.
  • Then you sign in with your Google account. Ensure to carefully read and follow the instructions to set up an individual profile.
  • Follow the instruction to get set up
  • Fill in the payment method you want to use. You might likely add your debit card for faster transactions, you can later add a second payment method.

How to Add your Payment Method

The addition of the payment method is listed below, you can add your credit or debit cards with these few guidelines;

  • Tap “Add” at the bottom of the app, then chose debit or credit card.
  • Use the camera of your phone to capture the info on your card or you could enter it manually. Take note that credit cards cannot help send money on the devices of iOS.
  • If requested, verify your payment method by choosing an option of your liking.
  • You will get a verification code, enter your verification code.

Google pay is an easier way for financial transactions. Just a trial and you won’t regret it.

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