Discovering and Utilizing Apple’s New Journal App

Begin capturing the small moments directly from your phone.

Discovering and Utilizing Apple's New Journal App
Discovering and Utilizing Apple’s New Journal App

Explore iOS 17.2 and the Revolutionary Journal App for Apple Users and Writers

Hey Apple users, writers, and those curious about mindfulness, it’s time to give your phone an update. iOS 17.2 is here, bringing enhancements to Apple Music, Memojis, Apple TV, and even introducing a new interactive moon calendar. Now, users can actively record their personal moments, emotions, and daily activities using their phones.

Yes, the Journal app has arrived.

Initially introduced alongside various other iOS 17 features at Apple’s annual conference in June, the app’s early version was officially released to Apple’s developer beta program in October. “Journal is a new app that empowers you to write about the small moments and significant events in your life, promoting gratitude and enhancing your well-being,” states the company.

The Journal app marks the conclusion of a series of iOS 17 features aimed at addressing the mental health and well-being of Apple users. This initiative includes the introduction of a new Mental Wellbeing section within the Health app, incorporating two clinically-validated self-assessments for anxiety and depression, along with mood logging capabilities. These features are designed to assist users and their physicians in monitoring fluctuating moods and identifying triggers.

Now that the eagerly anticipated Journal has been released, users can ditch the Notes app and embark on their journaling journey.

Get the Journal App with These Simple Steps.

Ensure your device is on the latest version by updating to iOS 17.2.

Make sure your Apple device is running the latest version of iOS 17 as the Journal app cannot be installed on devices with earlier versions.

  • Find out your device’s iOS version by:
  • Go to Settings.
  • Select General.
  • Click on Software Update.

Look for the “Journal” app. It will be automatically installed and will appear on your device’s home screen. If you don’t see it right away, search for “Journal” in your phone’s app library.

Use the Journal App with These Simple Steps

Configure your app permissions by opening the Journal app and following the on-screen prompts to adjust your journal settings.

The Journal app utilizes on-device machine learning to identify significant moments from your day, such as texts, calls, workouts, photos, and more. It then suggests journal entry prompts based on these moments.

Add an entry by choosing the “+” icon

Initiate writing immediately by selecting the “New Entry” button at the top of the screen.

Add photos and videos from your camera roll, capture photos in the app, include voice memos, or share Apple Maps locations by selecting the icons at the bottom of the screen.

Saved Journal app entries are then listed on the main page of the app.

Explore Moments to Discover Inspiration by Scrolling Through the App

Users can also browse the app’s automatically generated Moments to find memories and prompts that might spark their entries. Prompts are presented as differently colored text boxes within Moments, featuring writing directives and thought-provoking questions.

While writing a new entry, locate Suggestions by selecting the magic pencil icon in the bottom left corner.

To acquire new Suggestions, tap the “refresh” button in the top right corner of the text box.

While editing, mark an entry as important or save it for later reflection by selecting the bookmark icon in the upper left corner. Alternatively, in your Journal app log, tap the three dots in the bottom right corner of the desired entry.

Configure the Security Settings for the Journal App

Password lock the Journal app for those who wish to keep their entries private.

To do this:

  • Go to your device settings.
  • Search for “Journal” or scroll to find the app.
  • Toggle “Lock Journal” on and select your device passcode or Face ID.
  • In Settings, users can disable Suggestions and establish a journaling schedule. This schedule serves as a reminder to complete an entry at a preset time every day.

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