Discord Is Giving a Significant Upgrade to Android Users

Discord is giving a significant upgrade to android users. That being said, android users will not have to wait for so long for new features to get to them anymore.

Discord Is Giving a Significant Upgrade to Android Users

Discord Is Giving a Significant Upgrade to Android Users

If you have made use of the discord app on your android device then you probably may have been frustrated and gotten tired of the time and speed with which updates come to your device. You also may have seen a message after an update has been released that reads ‘Android Support coming soon’ while on the other hand iOS and desktop users enjoy the new features. That being said, moving forward, the wait times should be drastically cut short.

Discord has already announced a major update on august 1 to the android apps development framework. Users should however expect significant improvements to the application after an automatic update is released in the next couple of weeks. This is after discord has rebuilt the app making use of the react native of the development framework.

This Framework Was Developed By Meta

This framework is popular and was developed by Meta. Also, the framework has been used in powering both iOS and Android apps such as Facebook and Bloomberg. One thing however that makes this framework special is that it allows developers to work across various platforms without having to add additional effort thus saving both time and energy.

This development however means that android users should begin to receive updates at just about the same speed and time as desktop and iOS users. Also, design details across different platforms will be more uniform but however, but they still will be unique. For instance, after android users that are new to the platform download the app, they will be met with a bigger font which is of course similar to the iOS app. Current users will however have the choice of changing the font to any size of their choice in the discord settings.

What the Process of the New Development Mean

The process of the new development also means that android users should get more frequent updates. And prior to this update, discord teams would have to maintain various codebases for various levels, but the new process for the development already consolidates the work. And since the teams will have lesser codebases to maintain, they will be able to address any bug fixes or any other updates in a more faster and timely manner.

You can download the discord app from the Google play store if you are an android user and you don’t have it yet downloaded and installed on your device.


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