Rumors of Nvidia RTX 4070 Continue To Suggest a Special GPU

Rumors of Nvidia RTX 4070 continue to suggest a special GPU. Additional hits coming in also show that it will be a match for the RTX 3090 Ti.

Rumors of Nvidia RTX 4070 Continue To Suggest a Special GPU

Rumors of Nvidia RTX 4070 Continue To Suggest a Special GPU

Nvidia’s RTX 4070 is reported to have lower power consumption levels than was previously rumored. Further chatter in regards to this graphics card suggests some seriously fast clock speeds thus meaning that it could really be a powerful GPU.

All of this new info is coming from a well-trusted source on Twitter, Kopite7kimi who has previously reported and asserted that the RTX 4070 would consume 300W.

Based on fresh tweets making the rounds currently, Nvidia is now attempting to cut down on that power usage citing it as problematic apparently. Team Green was not the only one to think about it which is perhaps one of the main reasons for this move. That being said, the target for the RTX 4070 has been revisited to 285W, while the RTX 4080 on the other hand has heavily dropped from 420W to 320W apparently.

Kopite7kim in an additional tweet has informed users of the clock speeds of the RTX 4070 which supposedly will be set at a base clock of 231MHz and a boost of 2610MHz with maximum clocks set to be capable of passing 2.8GHz.

What You Should Think About the Ever Spinning GPU Rumor Mill

With the reported clock speeds above which are a huge step going forward from the RTX 3070, it again suggests an RTX 4070 that will match the RTX 3090 Ti, something that has been heard previously from the rumor mill and also a promising leap in regards to performance for a more affordable Lovelace GPU. It is also very much possible as the reason why we have seen some huge drops in price on the RTX 3090 Ti recently, which may be easily overshadowed when these next-gen graphics cards come to light.

If in the event that the RTX 4070 can actually achieve this at 285W power usage which is quite a big conditional if, that is not a huge one in contrast to the 220W of the RTX 3070, or at the least it is not given the purported 3090Ti level kind of performance. And given the fact that the RTX 3090 Ti requires a whopping 450W, that kind of puts things into perspective here.


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