Prey Set New World Records on Disney Plus and Hulu

Prey just set new world records on Disney plus and Hulu as it snaps up the number one spot on both streaming platforms.

Prey Set New World Records on Disney Plus and Hulu

Prey Set New World Records on Disney Plus and Hulu

Prey which is the latest movie in the Predator franchise has just set two new world records, with one on Hulu and the other one on Disney Plus.

The news was revealed by 20th Century Studios which is the company that produced the sci-fi action-horror film, Prey. The film has become the biggest premiere on Hulu since the streaming service was launched back in October 2007. This simply makes Prey the most-watched Hulu movie and project of all time, thus meaning no other film or TV series comes close at the moment.

Prey has also set a new movie record on Disney Plus. The Predator prequel film – although director Dan Trachtenberg doesn’t refer to it as such – is the most watched movie premiere on Disney Plus Star, and also on Star Plus in Latin America. Prey, then, holds the number one film spot on Disney Plus in other non-US territories, too.

The Success Is Based On the Number of Hours Watched

The wide success of prey is based on the number of hours watched in three days after it was released back on August 5 as per a tweet by 20th-century fox. Both Disney and 20th-century studios decided against providing the official viewing figures for prey. And similar to most streaming companies, such types of data are not available to the public for any project that is released by Disney or any of its subsidiaries.

And even at that, the overnight success of prey is one to be praised. The fifth movie in the series was against some serious competition over the weekend with the likes of luck on Apple TV Plus, thirteen lives of Prime Video, and Sandman on Netflix all launching on the same day. That being said, it simply proves that prey has held up its own against all trio.

It’s Only a Matter of Time before a Sequel of Prey Is Given the Green Light

And given just how popular it has been, it is only a matter of time before a sequel of prey is given the green light. Ahead of Prey’s release, speaking exclusively to tech platform TechRadar, Trachtenberg teased that he had some fun ideas in the event for a follow-up.


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