Amazon Is Introducing Pay with Your Palm to Many New Stores

Amazon is introducing pay with your palm to many new stores. Amazon One expansion is now set to bring palm payments to many whole food stores across the state of California.

Amazon Is Introducing Pay with Your Palm to Many New Stores

Amazon Is Introducing Pay with Your Palm to Many New Stores

The e-commerce giants have announced recently an expansion of its palm-reading payments service known as the Amazon One. The service and feature will be coming to a range of newly set up whole food stores all over California.

Up until now, only a few whole food stores in places such as New York and Los Angeles have been equipped with the basic and necessary facilities, but with this expansion, Amazon One will come to 65 new sites over the space of the next couple of weeks.

After the scanners have been successfully installed, registered customers will then be able to pay for their goods just by presenting the palm of their hand.

The Expansion of Amazon One

The idea behind the fascinating amazon one services is a very simple one and this is to help accelerate the movement of customers through retail stores and shops by streamlining the whole process of payment. And unlike other methods for biometric authentication such as fingerprint recognition, palm scanning does not require users to physically interact with any piece of hardware which is also an added benefit from the perspective of hygiene.

The new method of payment joins the portfolio in conjunction with the Just Walk Out system of the company which is deployed in amazon fresh and Amazon Go stores whereby customers are made to pay for purchases made by scanning a barcode on their phones as they make their exits.

And although Amazon has taken a steady and slow step in rolling out its palm-based payments technology which was unveiled first back in September 2020. The company also believes that its use cases could extend way beyond grocery stores and into fields such as stadium ticketing and office ID verification.

One Potential Setback for Amazon

One potential setback for amazon however is the need to try convincing both lawmakers and customers that the risks in regards to privacy associated with handing over biometric data are worth the added convenience.

And despite the growing awareness of data privacy issues and the increased suspicion of the various motives of the largest tech companies in the world, people have proven time and again that they are ready and willing to make sacrifices all in the name of convenience.

Amazon in a bid to allay any concerns with the technology has made clear that biometric data collected in support of palm-based payments will be encrypted and then stored in a server that is exclusively dedicated to Amazon One.


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