DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program 2025 (Stipend Available) – APPLY NOW

The DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program 2025 is currently accepting applications. This program provides a residency opportunity for cultural practitioners from around the world, offering them support and resources to enhance their creative processes, foster encounters, and facilitate collaborations.

DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program 2025
DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program 2025

The main aim of the fellowship is to provide artists with dedicated time and space to focus on their artistic endeavours, free from any production obligations. In addition to this, fellows are encouraged to actively engage with the vibrant cultural scenes in Berlin and throughout Germany, as well as connect with various communities within the city.

DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program 2025 (Stipend available)

Every year, approximately twenty exceptional artists from diverse cultural backgrounds are invited to participate in the program. The Artists-in-Berlin Program strives to ensure inclusivity and the representation of a wide range of voices and perspectives.

Benefits Of DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program 

  • A monthly allowance will be provided to cover living expenses and rent.
  • Furnished apartments will be provided, although it is important to note that not all apartments have the same accessibility features such as elevators or specialized equipment.
  • Travel expenses, including flights, are covered for both fellows and their partners and children if they will be residing in Berlin for the entire duration of the fellowship.
  • Health, accident, and liability insurance will be arranged if necessary, with premiums deducted from the monthly stipend.
  • Optional German language courses are available for those interested.

The duration of the fellowship varies depending on the category. Visual arts, literature, and music fellows will have a twelve-month residency, while film fellows will have a six-month residency.’

Eligibility Criteria

  • The program is an esteemed award for accomplished international artists in visual arts, film, literature, and music & sound.
  • Artists who have already established their unique voice and standing are encouraged to apply, with no age limit or requirement for an academic background.
  • The program values artists who critically engage with historical issues and contemporary discourses, going beyond pure aesthetics to address relevant topics of our time.
  • Only applications in the categories of film, literature, and music & sound will be accepted. Visual arts nominations are made and selected by a specialized jury, so direct applications in this category are not possible.
  • Due to the large number of applications and limited fellowships available, highly qualified applicants may not be accepted, but a rejection does not reflect a negative assessment of the artist’s work.
  • Applicants are welcome to reapply at any time, and by applying, artists agree to abide by the program’s guiding principles.

Application Process and Requirements

  • To apply, you must fill out a personal data form and an application form online. The application portal is available for access here throughout the application period.
  • Once you have finished filling out the personal data form, you will receive an email confirmation with a personalized link to access the online application form.
  • When submitting work samples, please ensure the following:
  • Include at least one link to online work samples in the relevant field.
  • Pay attention to the specific requirements for film, literature, and music & sound applications.
  • Clearly indicate all credits, especially if the work is a collaborative effort.
  • Ensure that all submitted material remains accessible online until August of the subsequent year.
  • Broken links will result in the exclusion of the application from the selection process. If you submit private or password-protected links, please provide the password in the application form.
  • If applying for the film:

  • Submit links to one complete film and up to three extracts (5 minutes each) of your most recent works, with subtitles.
  • Include a synopsis for each film submitted.
  • Only Vimeo or YouTube links are accepted. No trailers.
  • If applying for literature:
  • Submit links to PDFs of published books (no online-only publications) in the application form.
  • Please do not submit manuscripts and limit the number of books to four.
  • Original printed publications can only be sent from within the EU due to customs regulations.
  • If applying for music & sound:

  • Only submit links to recordings, videos, or audio-visual material.
  • Limit the number of work samples to four.
  • Include corresponding materials for each work sample, such as the score, a description of the work, photos, and videos.
  • Clearly indicate which specific sections should be listened to or viewed.

For more information about the program please visit the official website and for answers to some of your disturbing questions, view the F&Q.

Application Deadline

December 17, 2023.



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