10 Common Spouse Visa Interview Questions and their Answers

It’s a great feeling when you get reunited with your spouse in a foreign land but before that reunion is the visa challenges. Obtaining a visa to reunite with your spouse in another country comes with its fair share of challenges, one of them being the spouse visa interview.

10 Common Spouse Visa Interview Questions and their Answers

You have to pass the interview for you to obtain your visa, if you fail during the interview, your visa will be denied and your chance of reuniting with your spouse will be dashed on the wall.

If you currently applying for a spousal visa, we are here to help you with common spouse visa interview questions and their answers, this will help you prepare ahead of time. We know you want to smash the interview so we are helping to see that happen.

Common Spouse Visa Interview Questions and Their Answers

You need to know that this interview is a very crucial step in the whole visa application process, it is specifically designed to determine the authenticity of your relationship and eligibility for a spouse visa. The interviewer’s goal is to ensure that your marriage is genuine and that you meet all legal requirements.

Tell us about your relationship

When the visa officer asks you this question, be prepared to share your love story and details of your marriage. Keep your response concise, but don’t shy away from including personal anecdotes that demonstrate your genuine connection.

The question aims to know the authenticity of your relationship so you have to prove that your relationship with your spouse is genuine.

Sample answer: “We met in [you put location] through mutual friends, and our relationship blossomed from there. Our wedding took place in [you put ate], it was a wonderful event and we have families and friends who can vouch for our love and commitment to each other.

Since then, we’ve been building our life together, sharing responsibilities, and making important decisions as a couple.”

How did you stay in touch during this Separation?

We all know that a long-distance relationship is challenging, so the interviewer wants to know how you maintained your connection with your spouse during the\\ period that your spouse is in another country.

To answer this question, you can mention communication methods like video calls, text messages, emails, or even letters you exchanged to stay close.

Sample answer: “Despite our physical distance, we made an intentional effort to stay connected. We were on regular video calls, we also sent daily messages and wrote heartfelt letters to each other. Our communication never struggled.

What are your plans for the future?

This question means that the officer wants to know your commitment to building a life together in the host country. What you should do here is discuss your long-term plans, such as where you intend to live and work, and how you envision your life as a couple in the future.

This question can also come in this form “What are your plans as a couple once you move to [destination country]?”

Sample answer: “We plan to settle in [host country], where we both see excellent opportunities for our careers. We want to contribute to the community and start a family here. We have a clear roadmap for our future which we’re excited to pursue it together.”

How do you handle disagreements?

With this question, the visa officer wants to know your conflict resolution skills as a married person. You need to be honest here and emphasize the healthy communication and compromises you both make in your relationship.

Sample answer: “As you already know, every couple has disagreements and we are no different but, we believe in open and honest communication. When we have disagreements, we talk things out, listen to each other’s perspectives, and come to a common resolution. You know a successful marriage requires understanding.”

Can you provide evidence of your relationship?

The visa officer will also ask you to provide supporting documents, such as photographs, joint bank accounts, or travel itineraries, to prove your relationship. Before going, make sure you bring these documents to the interview.

Sample answer: “Of course, I can, I came with photographs from our wedding, honeymoon, and the many times we traveled together. I also came with evidence of our joint bank account and travel itineraries that demonstrate our time spent together.”

How long have you been married?

Sample answer: We have been happily married for [number of years or months] since our wedding date, which was on [date]. During this time, we have built a strong and loving relationship.

These are the questions you should expect if you are attending a spouse visa interview, as you can see from the examples, the visa officer wants to know how genuine your relationship is and what plans you both have for the future.

We know a spouse visa interview can be nerve-wracking, but with the right preparation and genuine answers, you can navigate it successfully. The first rule is not to make false claims, only answer honestly, come with every necessary document, and rehearse these questions and their answers before coming for the interview.

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