Cloud Phone Systems – Some of the Best Cloud Phone Systems

The best Cloud Phone Systems provide an easy and cheap software alternative to expensive hardware-built PBX (Private Branch Exchange) phone systems. Allowing even small businesses access to phone features normally only affordable for enterprises. As cloud-based phone systems run through software and use VoIP for calls and communications.

Cloud Phone Systems

They offer a less expensive service while delivering a richer range of additional features, just like software integrations and analytics.

Cloud Phone Systems

Even better is that cloud phone systems only require you to purchase what you only use, instead of having to invest in expensive on-premises hardware.

This implies that even small businesses can now access full-featured VoIP services for the office and even the house. And this includes features previously only enterprise companies could afford to make.

Overall, the digital transformation of the telecoms industry has vastly improved the range and accessibility of phone services for businesses.

Best Cloud Phone Systems

Here are some of the major Cloud Phone Systems you can check out and access right away:

RingCentral Office

This service provides cloud-based communication and collaboration platform for businesses of all sizes. The answer includes all PBX administration functions, Android and iOS apps, and unlimited calling.

There is a comprehensive set of features included as standard, including call logging, monitoring, recording, and online faxing.

It also offers HD voice and audio conferencing through mobile devices. Also, as team collaboration through screen sharing and HD video for both tasks and also as video conferencing.

Ooma Office

It is referred to as a cloud-based telephone company that presents itself as an enormous business phone experience for small businesses. And it is priced alright in this respect.

Ooma Office gives you all the core features you’d expect, plus some more advanced functions. Just like a virtual receptionist that permits calls to be automatically directed to the proper department.

Subscribers also enjoy holding and transferring music, and Ooma provides mobile apps for iOS and Android. So, you’ll set up capabilities just like call forwarding, enabling calls to be sent from your telephone to your mobile when you’re out and about.


This represents the merger of LogMeIn’s Jive VoIP platform and their GoTo conferencing platform into one service offering that gives a comprehensive range of options.

General features include custom call routing and team-based call distribution. Also, time-based and geolocation routing to make sure that calls are picked up fast.

Screen sharing and personal meeting rooms are a standard component of the package. And users can easily take part with just a click instead to wait around or having to generate a PIN.


This is another cloud-hosted phone solution, which may be set up with just a couple of clicks. This then provides your business with an entire communications center for calls, video, and messaging from the online, desktop, or mobile.

Aircall also includes a good range of CRM, helpdesk, and productivity functions. To assist improve how your sales and support teams handle calls, not least in terms of transferring them also as approaching customers.

And, of course, there’s an analytics suite to assist gauge efficiency and tracking KPIs in workflows. Also, to look for methods to enhance them.


It has built its telephone company for the cloud from the bottom up. This suggests that you avoid the problems that legacy providers have traditionally suffered from when trying to backward engineer their services.

Dialpad provides all the features you’d expect from a business communication system, just like voice, video, and messaging options.

That may run from your existing devices using softphone apps. And there also are options for automation, web conferencing, and an AI-powered call center platform.



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