Xbox One – How to Activate YouTube on Xbox One

Do you know you can watch YouTube on Xbox one? You can. YOu can do that on Xbox One. However, to do this, you have to first download the YouTube app on your Xbox one device and then activate it Via, this can be done with just a few simple steps. Xbox One

When you activate YouTube on your Xbox one, you can stream YouTube videos, view your subscribed channels, search for videos, stream live, and lots more. Xbox One

YouTube is an online platform that allows users to share videos online. With YouTube, you can create and upload your own videos and even share it with others. YouTube is also an educative and informative site as you can get videos on various disciplines and also stream live. YouTube videos can be shared under platforms

How to Activate YouTube on Xbox One

Activating YouTube on your Xbox one can be done with a few simple steps. To do so, follow the instructions below:

  • Switch on your Xbox One device and connect it to your Home Wi-Fi.
  • Go to the Xbox one application store, search for the “YouTube” app and download it.
  • After the YouTube app is downloaded, open it on your Xbox One.
  • Navigate to “Sign in and settings”.
  • Choose “SIGN IN”.
  • Copy the activation code that would be displayed on your screen.
  • With another device connected to the internet, go to the YouTube activation page or click on this link-
  • Enter the code you copied into the required field.
  • Click on “Next”.

Follow the rest on-screen prompts to complete the process of activating YouTube on your Xbox one device. With this, you can now stream YouTube content on your Xbox One.

Note that if you receive an error message stating that YouTube is not available, you should check your internet connection or try restarting the YouTube app.

How to Connect YouTube to Xbox One from Phone

You can also stream YouTube content on Xbox one by connecting to casting YouTube from your Phone. Amazing right? To do this, you should have your console and phone connected to the same network. Having done this, follow the steps outlined below to connect YouTube to Xbox one from your phone:

  • Open your mobile phone and launch the YouTube app on it.
  • Turn on the Bluetooth on your mobile phone.
  • On the YouTube app, browse for and click on the video you want to watch.
  • When the video is opened, click on the third icon at the top right corner of your display screen (this is the cast option).
  • The available devices would load and Xbox one would appear also.
  • Click on “Xbox One”.

Having done this, your Xbox One would automatically start streaming the YouTube video.

YouTube App Download

With the YouTube app, you can watch YouTube videos on the GO. The YouTube app is available for Android devices, Apple devices, and Personal computers.

  • To download the YouTube app on your Personal computer, you can click on this link.
  • For Android users, you can click here to download the YouTube app on your Android phone or tablet.
  • You can click here to download the YouTube app on your Apple phone or tablet.

If you want to watch YouTube live on your Xbox one device, always make sure that your Xbox one device is connected to a stable network connection. If the YouTube app stops working on your Xbox one, you should uninstall the app and try downloading and activating it again with the steps above.



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