Benefits of a Massage Gun – What are Benefits of Using a Massage Gun

Over the past several years, you have probably seen people use massage guns while traveling or at the gym. In fact, the number of people using these portable vibrations gets larger each and every year. This is because massage guns are a very effective and affordable tool to provide both pain relief and to help people recover after (and during) an intense workout.

Benefits of a Massage Gun

There are many different price points for massage guns. There are many budget massage guns, mid-range massage guns, and of course – there are expensive massage guns as well. At Lifepro, we highly recommend budget or mid-range massage guns as they tend to be just as effective, but more affordable than their more expensive counterparts.

Benefits of a Massage Gun

Proper massage gun use is key. When you use it correctly, you get more out of it and it helps you recover more quickly from exercise and injury. But is a massage gun the right investment for you? In this article, we’re going to explore the major benefits of regular massage gun use.

Whether you’re trying to get more out of your workouts or if you’re recovering from injury, we will explore what kind of benefits you’ll get when you use a massage gun. By the time you finish reading this, you will know exactly how a massage gun can best serve you, and if it is indeed the right choice for you.

Advanced Vibration Healing & Powerful Pain Relief

The first thing you’ll notice when you turn on your massage gun is that it emits a powerful vibration. When you combine this vibration with the attached massage gun head, you get a powerful message that provides great relief, both to your mood and even to pain!

When it comes to vibration, most massage guns will have a wide array of settings, both in speed and intensity. For new massage gun users, we recommend starting at low settings in order to get a feel for what works right for your body. Overdoing it may increase your chance of injury, so always take it easy on your first few tries.

Once you have a feel for the vibrations, you can adjust the settings as necessary. Over time, you’ll have a feel for the vibrations of your massage gun and be able to adjust accordingly on the fly.

When do you use a massage gun? The answer to this question will determine the exact settings you should use. Whether you’re warming up, cooling down, or just getting a massage in between sets, your massage gun is a valuable tool.


Massage guns are well known as a convenient and versatile tool for rehabilitation. Pulled a muscle? Recently injured yourself? A massage gun can help! Massage guns are regularly used by athletes and regular folk alike for recovery and you may want to consider one as well.

When you work out, odds are you’ll experience muscle soreness. Percussion therapy (the kind of vibrations that come from massage guns) does an excellent job at reducing this soreness. Although it’s no miracle, percussion massage has even been found to reduce the pain from deliberating conditions like fibromyalgia.

For more precise rehabilitation, you’ll want to pay extra attention to the particular massage gun head you’re using. Certain attachments allow you to target specific muscle groups and areas of your body more effectively. The best part? They’re usually included with your massage gun. If they aren’t included, they’re very affordable.

Release Lactic Acid

The soreness you feel after an intense workout doesn’t just come out of nowhere. During intense exercise, your body produces what is known as lactic acid, which causes the burning sensation you feel in a particular muscle group after sprints or a heavy lift. The larger the lactic acid buildup, the worse the sensation.

This is where massage guns are especially useful. When you use a massage gun on your muscles, you aren’t just getting a relaxing massage. You are, in fact, breaking up that lactic acid, which in turn reduces your muscle soreness and allows for quicker recovery after an intense workout. Many people don’t realize this, but this is one of the main reasons massage guns are known to ease discomfort after heavy exercise.

Increases Blood and Lymphatic Flow

One of the most well-known features of a massage gun is the deep tissue massage they provide. Deep tissue massage is known to improve blood flow, which helps protect your muscles from injury after exercise and keeps healthy nutrients flowing thanks to the regulation of the lymphatic system.

However, you want to maintain a “fine line” when it comes to lymphatic drainage. Too much (more often the case for active individuals) or too little (more common for less active people) can result in a condition called lymphedema, which is accompanied by painful swelling. Luckily, massage guns do an excellent job of regulating lymphatic flow so this doesn’t need to happen.

Activates the Nervous System and Muscles

If you see somebody using a massage gun before lifting, there is a good reason why. Massage guns have been found to activate both the nervous system and your muscles. In the nervous system, massage guns have been found to relax your muscles, in turn preventing tension.

When you work out with tense muscles, you don’t just have a worse workout. You also risk injury. This is why a quick stretch is always recommended before you begin lifting. On the flip side, when your muscles are relaxed, they are also more ready to do the full work when they are being used.

This leads to less fatigue, more reps, higher weight, and an overall more satisfying workout session. On top of this, it reduces your injury risk and can even improve your recovery time. Overall, massage guns are an excellent tool if muscle growth is one of your primary fitness goals.

Enhance Range of Motion Quickly

Massage guns have been found to increase each muscle’s range of motion shortly after use. This is especially beneficial for those who are into either powerlifting or running, as it means their blood flow has improved, and are more likely to avoid injury when overexerting themselves.

Between the enhanced range of motion, improved blood flow, and relaxed muscles, massage guns ultimately are quite a powerful tool for avoiding DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) as well. This is perhaps why many professional athletes use massage guns and why they are becoming more and more commonplace each year.

Overall, massage guns come with many powerful benefits. Between their affordable prices, flexible attachments, and tools to protect your muscles and improve your workouts, it’s no wonder why companies continue to bring more and more new massage guns to the market every year. As recovery tools, they are very convenient and beneficial. As such, we highly recommend trying one for yourself.


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