Reasons Why I am Attracted to Him

Reasons why I am Attracted to him: Attraction is one thing that is very hard to understand. If you have asked the following questions, why am I so attracted to him? or you feel a strong sexual attraction towards someone, and you do not know why then this article is for you. Here, I am going to answer the question, and show you what to do in such situations.

Reasons Why I am Attracted to Him

Reasons Why I Am Attracted to him

Sexual Attraction is inevitable. There is no record that people start feeling less attracted to other people when they get married. This is because attraction is not dependent on your having a partner or not.

Knowing what sponsors your attraction towards someone will most times help you know how to get out from it.

Attraction is sponsored by so many biological and physical factors; I have highlighted those factors below;

why Am I So Attracted to Him?

Have you ever met someone for the first time and you get butterflies in your belly? You can’t get your eyes off the person and after talking to them, you can’t stop thinking about them. of course, you have passed the stage of asking the question ‘ am I attracted to him?’ But have you ever asked why you do not feel the same way for every single person? There are so many reasons why you may be feeling that way. Here are some of them below;


Sometimes, we feel attracted to some people because of the way they look. Not necessarily how good-looking they are (good looks count too). But because we have associated our choices with certain types of looks. Some people get attracted to taller, shorter, light-skinned, or people with brown eyes. most times, looks are one of the foundations of our attraction. Once you find someone that fits into the look that drives your attraction, you will most likely be attracted to that person.


Sometimes, attraction does not happen immediately. There is a saying that goes like this ‘once the appealing is not available, the available becomes appealing’. This could be a co-worker that you once saw as unattractive or annoying, but all of a sudden, you start getting that feeling, the feeling of attraction.

Your Type of Person

Sometimes our attraction is sparked up by people who have characteristics. This could be someone similar to us in one way or the other. For example, some people feel easily attracted to smart and intelligent people, others feel attracted to good singers. This type of attraction is more sponsored by the attributes possessed by the subject of attraction.

You could also get attracted because of a certain action demonstrated by such a person. This could be an additional reason sometimes.

Now, attractions are very normal but not always healthy. If you have an unhealthy attraction and you want it to die as soon as possible, then I have a few tips for you.

How to Stop Unhealthy Attraction

This article is all about rendering solutions. If you find yourself attracted to someone that you shouldn’t be attracted to, then you can tag such attraction as a negative attraction. Here’s how to handle such a situation.

  • Accept the fact that you are attracted to the person
  • Figure out why you are attracted to the person
  • Counter sex and romantic thoughts about such a person with more productive thoughts.
  • Stay clear of unnecessary interactions
  • Mute them on social media
  • set clear boundaries with that person
  • Spend more time with your friends and family members

Attractions can be built and they can also die. Starving a relationship with people over a long period will kill your attraction to such people. The steps we have highlighted above are more targeted towards killing your sources of attraction with that person and overall helping you stop the negative attraction.


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