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The Global Research Alliance (GRA), is inviting early-career scientists from developing countries to participate in the Climate, Food and Farming, Global Research Alliance Development Scholarships –  CLIFF-GRADS Fellowship Programme 2023.

CLIFF-GRADS Fellowship Programme

The CLIFF-GRADS Fellowship Programme aims to empower early-career scientists from developing countries to engage in applied research related to greenhouse gas emissions quantification and mitigation in agriculture.

Details About CLIFF-GRADS Fellowship Programme 2023

The CLIFF-GRADS Fellowship Programme offers successful applicants the opportunity to undertake short-term research stays (lasting 4-6 months) at host institutions. During their tenure, participants will:

  • Gain Hands-On Experience: Fellows will gain valuable hands-on experience in measuring, modeling, and mitigating greenhouse gas emissions, as well as carbon storage in agricultural systems relevant to developing countries. This exposure will enable them to contribute meaningfully to sustainable agricultural practices.
  • Building Global Networks: The programme encourages participants to connect with researchers from different parts of the world, fostering cultural exchange and broadening perspectives. Building global networks can lead to valuable collaborations and knowledge sharing.
  • Access to Advanced Equipment and Methodologies: Participants will have access to cutting-edge equipment and methodologies used by renowned institutions. This access will enhance the quality of their research and contribute to their professional growth.

About the Global Research Alliance (GRA)

The Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases (GRA) operates on the principles outlined in its Charter, which emphasizes voluntary action to increase cooperation and investment in research activities.

The GRA focuses on reducing the emissions intensity of agricultural production systems, increasing soil carbon sequestration, and improving overall efficiency, productivity, resilience, and adaptive capacity, all while ensuring food security objectives are met.

Benefits of CLIFF-GRADS Fellowship Programme

Successful applicants to the CLIFF-GRADS Fellowship Programme will receive grants of $14,000 USD to support their research stays, which must be completed before the end of 2024.

This financial support will enable talented PhD students from developing countries to participate in the programme without undue financial burden.

Eligibility Criteria for GRA CLIFF-GRADS Fellowship Programme

To be eligible for the CLIFF-GRADS Fellowship Programme, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • The programme is open to PhD students from developing countries, fostering diversity and representation from various regions.
  • Applicants should be pursuing their PhD at a university in a developing country, ensuring that the research directly relates to the challenges faced in those regions.
  • Applicants who have not previously received a CLIFF-GRADS grant will be given priority, encouraging new participants to benefit from the programme.
  • The programme encourages students to apply for research stays outside their home country or country of study. This preference aims to facilitate the building of global networks and foster international collaborations.

Timeline for CLIFF-GRADS Fellowship Programme

The duration of the CLIFF-GRADS Fellowship Programme is expected to be a minimum of 4 months & 6 months. In some cases, extension of the research stay may be possible through mutual agreement if additional funding is available to support a longer duration.

How to Apply for CLIFF-GRADS Fellowship Programme 2023

Interested candidates can find more details and application procedures on the official GRA website at:

The application deadline for the CLIFF-GRADS Fellowship Programme is August 28, 2023.


Who can apply for the CLIFF-GRADS Fellowship Programme?

The programme is open to PhD students from developing countries who are pursuing their studies at a university in a developing country.

What is the duration of the research stay?

The research stay should be a minimum of 4 months and can extend up to 6 months if additional funding is available.

How much funding will successful applicants receive?

Successful applicants will receive grants of $14,000 USD to support their research stays.

Can applicants who have previously received a CLIFF-GRADS grant apply?

Preference will be given to applicants who have not previously been awarded a CLIFF-GRADS grant.

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