World Youth Alliance Internship Program 2021 and How to Become a Member

World Youth Alliance Internship Program 2021 is one of the trending internship programs in that festive season. They are currently seeking application from the general public into its diverse opportunities of professional skills acquisition.

Are you looking for a means to enhance your skills and advance your academic career? Do you want to acquire professional skills that will always keep you outstanding? Do you want to join a world alliance internship where you will have the opportunity to learn desire skills?

Then you are on the right track.

World Youth Alliance Internship Program is a globally recognized program that has helped in the building of lives of various youth over the years.

World Youth Alliance Internship Program 2021

World Youth Alliance Internship Program 2021

The World Youth Alliance Internship Program is designed to enhance each student’s specific academic background and area of interest. Applicants receive mentorship and quality training from world youth alliance WAY staff members.

The organization was founded at the United Nations in the year 1999 by Anna Halpine during a conference. The debates at the United Nations about who is a human person and how a human person is being understood gave the foundation the king of policies and initiatives to implements.

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Forms/Types of World Youth Alliance Internship Program 2021

The organization has different types of internship programs namely regional internships, headquarters internships, and online internships.

Regional Internships

World Youth Alliance Internship Program offers internships in all regional offices. The key idea is that most of the applicants accepted into the headquarters must first complete a regional internship. Also, they are active WAY members in their country and receive e recommendations on their outstanding skills or work.

Headquarters Internships 

The world youth alliance WAY is providing an offer of internship for young people. The program is available for people of different education and expertise background. You can apply for the headquarters internship, only after completing a regional internship. Once the applicants are accepted into the internship

Online Internships

The WAY online internship lasts for a period of about three (3) months. The members of this online internship who are on campus or at home are given the .opportunity to learn and gain first-hand training. This training is done in online event management and blog writing by WAY representatives.

How To Become A Member Of World Youth Alliance Internship Program 2021

For all who are interested in joining the world, the youth alliance program should not be worried about the registration process. Here are the easy steps to become a member of the world youth alliance program.

  • Firstly visit on your web browser
  • Click on the “Become a Member” button at the top right corner of the  page that you just visited
  • Scroll down the page and you will find the membership form.
  • On that form enter your email, name, date of birth, country, and city
  • Select where you hear about WAY from the options given or state it in the required field
  • Agree with all the terms and conditions of the organization and click on the “Sign me up!” button

Application Requirements for The Regional Internship In World Youth Alliance Internship Program 2021

The regional internship process has a standard application process for the WAY. Before you place your application it is advisable to check the requirements and also check if their programs will fit and benefit you.  The requirements are,

  • Completed regional application form
  • Resume or curriculum vitae
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • A signed copy of the WAY charter for new members only.

To sign the copy of the world alliance youth WAY navigate your browser to WYA charter

All applicants should send all the requirements above via the email address that is linked to their region. The email address is the last word when you click on your region.

How to Apply For Regional Internship In World Youth Alliance Internship Program 2021

To apply for the regional internships follow these steps;

  • Visit m
  • Click on the “Apply Now!” button under the regional internships
  • Select your region to download the application form. Note that each region has its own application form for the WAY regional application forms.
  • Click on the WAY internship Application Form that bears your region name to download the form.
  • Open the downloaded form and provide the required information.

Applicants should note that the internship is full-time and that the work period is Monday to Friday 8:30 am – 5:30 am.

Application Requirement for The Headquarters Internships In World Youth Alliance Internship Program 2021

All headquarters internship follows a standard application procedure. Applicants must complete WAY’s certified training program before starting internships at the WAY headquarters. The requirements for the world youth alliance youth headquarters internship are;

  • Complete headquarters internship application form 
  • Resume or curriculum vitae
  • Two letters of recommendation

You are to submit your application and requirement to

How to Apply For the Headquarters Internships In World Youth Alliance Internship Program 2021

To apply for the headquarters internships you must download the application form. After downloading the form, provide the required information in the form.

To download the form navigate your browser to headquarters internship placation form

Once your registration is successful, you will receive a confirmation receipt via email within three weeks and your application must satisfy the criteria for selection. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted by the internship committee for an interview.

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