Cities Skylines 2 Map Allows Gamers to Build On Areas Bigger Than Before

Cities Skylines 2 Map allows gamers to build on areas bigger than before. The recent news simply means that a new update is coming and it will be big and also it will be putting gamers in charge.

Cities Skylines 2 Map

Cities Skylines 2 Map

Cities Skylines 2 will reportedly be breaking barriers with a very massive map which as you should know is five times bigger than its predecessors.

The release date of Cities Skylines 2 is getting closer and closer, and, since the release date is scheduled for launch on October 24, 2023, on Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and PC, it means that there isn’t that long to wait. And as launch day approaches, however, developer Colossal Order is now unleashing more teasers for excited gamers and players.

Just today, we got a really big info dump regarding the Maps and Themes in Cities Skylines 2, and it all looks very interesting and impressive. “How the world feels, looks, and changes sets the scene for our lived experience”, Colossal Order in a YouTube trailer stated. The map as reported earlier is now five times bigger than the original, thus clocking in at 159 km2, “which is bigger than some countries”. It is in fact, roughly the same size as Liechtenstein which is located in central Europe.

What the Game Developer Has To Say about the New Development

“In Cities: Skylines, the playable area consists of 5×5 tiles, 9 of which can be purchased once everything is unlocked,” Colossal Order stated. “One map tile is 1.92 x 1.92 km which results in the total playable area being 92.16km² with a maximum of 33.18km² to build a city on.”

How the New Updated Map Will Work

The extensive map in question encourages even more creativity for players as they get to “think outside the box”. Players can now easily “create connections to cities beyond the edge of your map to open up trade routes that can accelerate your city’s growth”. Players and gamers alike can also think vertically in Cities Skylines 2. Now height limits in the game have also been lifted as you can now build in ways that you never have before and also effectively get creative with your cities.

You can also shape the feel and look of your city within the game. And despite even choosing one region, you will also be able to “pepper European buildings in your North American city and Vice Versa”. This will very much hopefully mean that you can make every city unique as well as personalized to your own tastes.

How Big is The Map in Cities Skylines 2

Well, I have already mentioned and described just how big the new map will be, the updated map rather. The newly updated map will be five times bigger than what it used to be. According to the developer of the game, the map of the Cities Skylines 2 will be 159 kilometers squared. And coupled with the fact that the tiles of the map are smaller, this piece of info gives players much more creative freedom as well as space to work with.



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