Chrome OS Is About To Get One Key Android Feature

Chrome OS is about to get one key Android feature. This feature is one of the most favorable Android features and it is now coming to Chrome OS if anything about the latest news is to be believed.

Chrome OS Android Feature

Chrome OS Android Feature

Google Chrome OS officially will be getting the Material You dynamic theme feature in the latest Dev version 114, but there’s however a catch to this one. And the catch here is that you will have to turn on the flag to make use of it as of this moment.

You can now create four different accent color schemes according to Android Police simply by activating the #jelly-colors and #personalisation-jelly flags. This very feature is unique just because those very color schemes are based on the color of your wallpaper, better matching the text as well as icons so that both of them are easier to view.

What Is Material You Feature

Material You as you should know is a feature that Android has had for many years under the ColorsOS name, one feature that Google is also bringing to its Chrome browser, the Canary v114 build specifically. And unlike Android, unfortunately, Chrome OS does not get a set of themes that are distinct from wallpapers, so if you wanted an interface that quite stands out from your background, you are out of luck here.

The Effect of the Feature on Chrome OS

Chrome actually could be getting a huge refresh on the way. There is really a good chance that Google could be announcing a huge revamp to the Chrome OS during its Google I/O 2023 event which is set to kick off on May 10. And with all of the features that are being tested for both Chrome OS as well as the general Chrome browser at the moment, the conference would be the best time to reveal an overhaul to its design.

How to Watch the Google I/O Event

The event in question which you can stream via YouTube as well as the official website of Google is expected to showcase a host of other projects and products from the company. The Google Pixel Fold already has been confirmed for launch at the said event as well as many other announcements such as the Android 14 OS, Google Pixel Watch 2, enhancements to Google’s AI tool, Bard, and many more.

Google Material Design 3

It will however be interesting to see if Google gets to reveal any other new features and tools for the Chrome OS. One of such feature would be Material Design 3, which is at the moment for Google Workspace. It is a refresh of the previous version in case you don’t know that gives a more modern look to some of its most popular tools in a bid to deliver a simpler, more streamlined UI, which helps users to work more efficiently and efficiently. Having such a tool for the best Chromebooks, which are meant to be pure work machines in the first place, would be quite brilliant.

And at the very least, it would be very nice to see that the tech giant is focusing on expanding what Material You offers to Chrome OS. The feature at the moment only has four color palettes just like like Android 12, versus the 16 different color derivation methods that Android 13 is offering.



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