ChatGPT’s ‘Browse With Bing’ Tool

OpenAI’s chatbot introduces two new capabilities. Here are guidance and sample prompts to assist you in experimenting with this internet-connected function.

ChatGPT’s ‘Browse With Bing’ Tool
ChatGPT’s ‘Browse With Bing’ Tool

ChatGPT’s ‘Browse With Bing’ Tool

OpenAI recently implemented two significant changes to ChatGPT. People who subscribe to ChatGPT Plus for $20 per month can now instruct it to search the internet, but it can only use Bing’s search engine. Subscribers can also request the chatbot to generate images using the beta version of Dall-E 3.

OpenAI had previously allowed its AI tool to browse the web in 2023, under the name “Browse With Bing.” However, OpenAI removed the beta feature after users found that the chatbot could access content behind online paywalls.

Exploring Free AI Chatbot Options and the Challenge of AI-Generated Information

Aside from paywall issues, we don’t yet know how AI-powered web browsing might change the way people discover information or affect online writers’ jobs. Even though there have been improvements to “Browse With Bing” since its initial release, I encountered error messages and received some unusual answers during my testing.

Are you interested in using an internet-connected chatbot without spending $20? There are two free alternatives to ChatGPT Plus: Microsoft Bing and Google Bard. Both of these chatbots can also search the web to respond to your queries.

When using a generative AI tool, it’s essential to maintain a sense of skepticism as you experiment with AI-assisted web browsing. Developers have not yet discovered a method to stop chatbots from generating false information.

How to Use ChatGPT’s ‘Browse With Bing’ Tool

For those who want to try ChatGPT’s “Browse With Bing” feature, here’s some guidance to help you begin, along with six example prompts.

Brainstorm With Current Information

While ChatGPT’s basic version is useful for fast brainstorming sessions, you can review more recent information by using the “Browse With Bing” option. What is a good film to watch this coming weekend? What are some ways to make your home Wi-Fi network better? Which other AI tools ought you to take into account?

Compare Different Web Pages

“Browse With Bing” can serve as a good place to start when contrasting and comparing web page text. Perhaps you would like to compare the duties and requirements across two job postings. Perhaps you would want to identify the similarities among publications that discuss the same subject.

Focus on a Single Source

It can be intimidating to browse the entire web, so consider providing ChatGPT with search parameters. For instance, you can instruct the chatbot to only offer links from a particular website if you want to highlight writers from that platform as subject matter experts.

Highlight Key Points

It’s not feasible to have unlimited time to read every item, even in an ideal environment. ChatGPT can condense an article’s important elements for the websites it can visit. This could be a useful tool for determining whether or not to invest your time reading the work in its entirety, even though context and subtleties will be lost.

Find Alternative Perspectives

Explore several viewpoints on a subject by utilizing the web browsing function. ChatGPT offered a number of links to articles with varying perspectives after I mentioned one that I had read. The chatbot occasionally cited sources that were too esoteric to be verified as reliable, even though some of them were helpful.

Search for New Videos

You can find articles to read and videos to watch using ChatGPT. Although Google’s Bard is more equipped to comb through the zillions of YouTube videos, ChatGPT can suggest videos to watch and channels to subscribe to.

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