Google Blocks Largest DDoS Attack

Google Blocks the Largest DDoS Attack Ever Detected According To Reports

Google blocks the largest DDoS attack ever detected according to reports. The reported DDoS attack that has been blocked is reported to be over...
Popular Retail Sites Compromised With Magecart

Popular Retail Sites Have Been Compromised With Magecart

Popular retail sites have been compromised with Magecart. This simply means that the card data of shoppers can now be stolen with relative ease. This...
Hacked Smartphones Ad Fraud Campaign

Hacked Smartphones Exploited To Run Ad Fraud Campaign

Millions of hacked smartphones, both of Android and iOS descent are being exploited to run a massive ad fraud campaign. The campaign in question,...
Hackers Selling the Data of Users

Hackers Are Reportedly Selling the Data of Users Obtained From the Genetic Database of...

Hackers are reportedly selling the data of users obtained from the genetic database of 23andMe. BleepingComputer just reported that hackers made use of the...
Dashlane and NordPass Passkeys on Android 14

Dashlane and NordPass Now Support Passkeys on Android 14

Dashlane and NordPass now support passkeys on Android 14. The new Android 14 mobile operating system as you should know now brings passkey support...
Qakbot Malware Returns

Qakbot Malware Reportedly Returns

Qakbot malware reportedly returns, despite the fact that the FBI says it took it out. This new development is making the rounds as researchers...
Top Spyware Mobile App Shut Down

Another Top Spyware Mobile App Has Been Shut Down According To Several Reports

Another top spyware mobile app has been shut down according to several reports. Oospy, which in case you don’t know is the successor to...
5 Best Mobile Banking Security Practices to Keep Your Money Safe

5 Best Mobile Banking Security Practices to Keep Your Money Safe

Mobile banking has become an indispensable part of our lives. With the convenience of handling financial transactions at our fingertips, it's essential to prioritize...
How Secure is Two-Factor Authentication

How Secure is Two Factor Authentication

How secure is two-factor authentication? In an increasingly interconnected world, where our digital footprints expand with each click and keystroke, safeguarding our online identities...
MacAfee Launches AI-Powered Tool

MacAfee Reportedly Launches a New AI-Powered Tool to Fight against Phishing Scams       

MacAfee reportedly launches a new AI-powered tool to fight against phishing scams on the platform. The AI-powered tool, McAfee Scam Protection is now available...
GitLab Users Advised To Install Emergency Fix

GitLab Users Advised To Immediately Install Emergency Fix

GitLab users are advised to immediately install the emergency fix. The reason for this is simple. A flaw has just been discovered on the...
Microsoft Employees Leaked Private Data

Microsoft Employees Accidentally Leaked 38TB Worth of Company Private Data

Microsoft employees accidentally leaked 38TB worth of company private data and this is inclusive of Teams chats. Cybersecurity researchers just recently found an unprotected...
Hackers Mining Cryptocurrencies on Endpoints

Hackers Are Now Mining Cryptocurrencies on the Endpoints of Other Users

Hackers are now mining Cryptocurrencies on the endpoints of other users. This new development is coming to light as new cryptojacking attacks now target...
Adobe Acrobat and Reader Security Flaws

Adobe Acrobat and Reader Reported To Have Some Serious Security Flaws

Adobe Acrobat and Reader were reported to have some serious security flaws and users have been advised to patch up now. Adobe has just...
MGM's Cybersecurity Issue

MGM’s Cybersecurity Issue Leads To Shutdown Of Slot Machines and ATMs

MGM's cybersecurity issue leads to the shutdown of slot machines and ATMs in casinos situated in Las Vegas. MGM Resort is currently investigating a...
LastPass Security Breach

LastPass Security Breach Reportedly Linked to A Atring of Crypto Heists

LastPass security breach reportedly linked to a string of crypto heists. Reports claim that since the December 2022 breach of LastPass, $35 million has...
iPhones Banned In China

iPhones Banned For Government Officials In China

IPhones banned for government officials in China. Following the news, the stock of Apple reportedly plummeted. What next for one of the most used...
Top ASUS Routers Security Flaws

Top ASUS Routers Reported To Carry Serious Security Flaws

Top ASUS routers are reported to carry serious security flaws that could in fact allow hackers to hijack your device.  Three major ASUS models...
Raspberry Pi Used To Steal From ATMs

Raspberry Pi Used To Steal Thousands of Dollars from ATMs

Raspberry Pi used to steal thousands of dollars from ATMs in burglaries reported in the state of Texas. They have however been caught and...
Paramount Confirms Data Breach

Paramount Reportedly Confirms Data Breach

Paramount reportedly confirms a data breach, and the personal data and info of users were compromised in the process. But even at that, you...