FBI’s Operation Duck Hunt

FBI’s Operation Duck Hunt Takes Qakbot Malware Down

FBI’s Operation Duck Hunt takes Qakbot malware down. The agency reportedly made a massive botnet that is responsible for infecting over 700,000 computers to...
GitLab Exploited By Threat Actors

GitLab Has Reportedly Been Exploited By Threat Actors      

GitLab has reportedly been exploited by threat actors to launch a novel proxyjacking attack. That said, hackers are now selling the excess bandwidth of...
Hackers Steal Accounts of Zimbra Users

Hackers Reportedly Steal Accounts of Zimbra Users

Hackers reportedly steal accounts of Zimbra users. New reports now making the rounds claim that someone out there is currently sending out convincing phishing...
Banks Fined for Hiding Messages

Banks Reportedly Fined for Hiding Messages in iMessage and Signal

Banks were reportedly fined for hiding messages in iMessage and Signal. Wells Fargo as well as other Wall Street companies snuck around and found...
Cloudflare Tunnels Breach Networks

Cloudflare Tunnels Are Actively Being Used To Breach Networks

Cloudflare Tunnels are actively being used to breach networks at the moment, reports now making the rounds claim that benign tools are being used...
Workers Sharing Too Much With AI

Report Suggests Workers Are Sharing Too Much Info with AI

Report suggests workers are sharing too much info with AI such as ChatGPT and other generative AI platforms. This means that these days, workers...
New SEC Rules Surrounding Cyberattacks

New SEC Rules Demand More Transparency Surrounding Cyberattacks

New SEC rules demand more transparency surrounding cyberattacks. The new rules in question will be putting a time limit in regard to reporting data...
Cybersecurity Tips for Small Businesses

Cybersecurity Tips for Small Businesses

Small businesses are becoming more exposed to cyber threats in the connected digital world of today. Due to their lack of resources and expertise,...
$400 Million Mt. Gox Bitcoin Hack

Feds Reportedly Charge Two People for The $400 Million Mt. Gox Bitcoin Hack

Feds reportedly charge two people for the $400 million Mt. Gox Bitcoin hack. The DOJ (Department of Justice) has now accused Alexey Bilyuchenko and...
IT Teams Data Breaches

IT Teams Are Told To Keep Data Breaches on a Low According To Reports

IT teams are told to keep data breaches on a low according to reports. This seems to be the new norm in the industry...
Hackers Leak Data US Government Workers

Hackers Leak Data of Thousands of US Government Workers Online

Hackers leak data of thousands of US government workers online. Sensitive data of workers in the US have been stolen by unnamed hackers, the...
Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal Injury Lawyer: How to Hire Injury Lawyer Right Now

Anyone can experience accidents and unplanned events at any time, and they frequently come with physical, emotional, and financial difficulties. To ensure justice and...
Interpol Internships 2023 in France

Interpol Internships 2023 in France – Apply Now

Are you looking for a paid internship in the field of policing and security? Do you want to gain valuable experience and build your...
Cisco Server Management Tool Security Flaw

Cisco Says Server Management Tool Has Major Security Flaw

Cisco says server management tool has a major security flaw. The company has however announced that a patch is still in the works. Cisco Server...
BlackCat Exploiting GoAnywhere Security Flaw

BlackCat Now Exploiting GoAnywhere Security Flaw

BlackCat now exploiting GoAnywhere security flaw making it the second ransomware group reported to be exploiting the security flaw of GoAnywhere, thus joining Clop. BlackCat...
WeVPN Shuts Down

WeVPN Shuts Down and Moves Users to Windscribe     

WeVPN shuts down and moves users to Windscribe. And now, both firms in question (Windscribe and WeVPN) have now confirmed that Windscribe did not...
Many Businesses Payout to Ransomware Attacks

Many Businesses Payout to Ransomware Attacks According To Reports

Many businesses payout to ransomware attacks according to reports. The study showed that companies gave in to the demands of crooks at least once. Many...
Yum! Brands Ransomware Attack

Yum! Brands Data Stolen After Ransomware Attack

Yum! Brands data was stolen after a ransomware attack. And some of the sensitive info stolen during the attack includes names and license numbers...
Cyber Security Certificates

Cyber Security Certificates: Is Certificate In Cybersecurity Worth It?

On the issue of "Cyber Security Certificates" if you have decided to pursue a career in cybersecurity, then it is of high advantage for...
SD Worx Cyberattack

SD Worx Halts Operations After Cyberattack

SD Worx halts operations after cyberattack. And the company has stated that it is not a ransomware attack. SD Worx Cyberattack Payroll and HR software powerhouse,...