Raspberry Pi Used To Steal Thousands of Dollars from ATMs

Raspberry Pi used to steal thousands of dollars from ATMs in burglaries reported in the state of Texas. They have however been caught and they now face charges. Continue reading to find out more about the development.

Raspberry Pi Used To Steal From ATMs

Raspberry Pi Used To Steal From ATMs

Three net-savvy tech-Texans have reportedly been arrested for allegedly making use of a Raspberry Pi in stealing thousands of dollars from ATMs in the city of Lubbock.

According to local news outlet EverythingLubbock (via Tom’s Hardware), their spree of ill-gotten gains (which is thousands of dollars taken from machines in West Texas) came to an abrupt end after officers got a hold of them in a hotel room containing several Raspberry Pis.

And if it is you are wondering whether this is just an execrable Adam Sandler film regarding three hapless computer programmers at the wrong time, well, this isn’t one. Our heroes have already been charged with Unlawful Interception, Use, or Disclosure of Wire, Oral or Electric Communications, as well as, simply, just Engaging in Criminal Activity – which as you should already know is an incredible law to have.

How the News Is Seen By Locals

The relative novelty of this case in question simply means that you have incredulous local news reporting it as though the Raspberry Pi in question is some Dr. Claw invention, but it is however still very much unclear as to just how the defendants got to pull this off with everyone’s favorite dinky computer-ma-bob. We however doubt that you will be finding the software on Github, though.

That is all the news that is fit to print, given that, due to the fact that the case is in the US – a fine, and well-upstanding capitalist democracy which is one of the best if not the best – the municipal court documents in question have now been thrown behind a paywall. Look, it’s a slow news day, but not really that slow.

Amount Stolen By the Perpetrators

Tech news platform, Tom’s Hardware has forked out, but hasn’t really gleamed much, and not even the 5-0 know-how on how the thefts in question were possible. However, the records regarding the case confirm that the defendants associated with the whole thing really were witnessed stealing $5700 USD from a single ATM, so they are hardly Q-Branch material.



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