CEO of Raspberry Pi Expects Shortages to End in a Year’s Time

The CEO of Raspberry Pi expects shortages to end in a year’s time as manufacturing of tech products finally may be recovering from Covid-19.

CEO of Raspberry Pi Expects Shortages to End in a Year’s Time

CEO of Raspberry Pi Expects Shortages to End in a Year’s Time

Eben Upton, the CEO of Raspberry Pi has said that he believes the disruption to the supply chain of his company which is due in part to the lingering effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, will be completely resolved ‘in one year,’ and in the process paving the way for a more powerful product in the Pi range.

Upton speaking to Micro Center spoke highly of the Raspberry Pi 400 which has been one of the easiest if not the easiest Pi to procure all through the pandemic, and also promises further products in what he refers to as ‘the hundred series”.

What the Comments Made By the CEO Confirm

The comments made by the CEO confirm that the all-in-one form factor of the 400, which places a Pi printed circuit board (PCB) inside a keyboard, will continue to be an area of interest for the company, although the CEO did not add any further details.

No computer board, as you should know, is immune to shortages, but the Raspberry Pi Pico, however, is giving it a good go and in the process turning into the go-to board for computing hobbyists all through the covid-19 pandemic.

The Pico Gets It Staying Power by Being Fitted With the RP2040

The Pico gets its staying power simply by being fitted with the RP2040, which is the first chip that is designed in-house at the company and is also spreading to an explosion of third-party boards as Upton puts it.

And as reported by Tom’s Hardware, bigger manufacturers such as the likes of Adafruit, Seeed, Sparkfun, and Ardunio, as well as more ‘boutique’ manufacturers all have since introduced boards that feature the RP2040.

The Much Awaited End to Shortages Will Be Welcomed By Computing Enthusiasts

As the well-known and mainstream option for single-board microcomputers, a much-awaited end to shortages will be welcomed by computing enthusiasts and those people looking to put their python skills to great use.

And while this is very true that anything could happen in the interim, the comments by Upton can be met with cautious optimism at the least.


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