iCloud is Set To Come To Windows 11

iCloud is set to be coming to windows 11. The windows photos app will be getting an upgrade that is widely unthinkable.

iCloud is Set To Come To Windows 11

iCloud is Set To Come To Windows 11

Microsoft has started the rollout of iCloud photo library integration within windows 11 which is in the form of an update to the photos application.

The announcement on the Windows Experience Blog from Dave Grochocki, the Principal Product Manager Lead for windows Inbox Posts, follows up with the initial unveiling of the feature by the company at its Surface event back in October of this year.

Once users have received this update, they should immediately download the iCloud for windows app from the Microsoft store in order to link their accounts.

What the Integration of Windows with Apples Cloud Storage Solution Means

The integration of windows with Apple’s very own cloud storage solution is very much one of the first signs that the notion behind the saying that apple and Microsoft devices ought to be separate is fluxing. And as previously reported by The Verge, iCloud photo library integration follows up with Apple Music appearing as an app in the Microsoft store although users of windows will have to be patient and wait until the coming year, and also a native Apple TV app is rumored to be coming soon in preview.

Tech Company Microsoft claims that its decision to integrate the two platforms was made with users’ experience as the main motive in mind.

“We know that many Windows customers have photo and video collections on their iPhones that they would like to be able to view on their PC,” Grochocki wrote.

“This iCloud Photos integration will make it easier for those with an iPhone to have direct access to all their cherished memories in one organized place and is another step in our continued efforts to make experiences on Windows 11 seamless.”

Microsoft Allows Photo Libraries on Android Phones

This new feature is very much similar to the recent decision by Microsoft to let photo libraries on android phones be used with Microsoft 365 on the web. That very integration works similarly and with that an additional app is needed to link photo libraries across platforms.


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