Another Top Spyware Mobile App Has Been Shut Down According To Several Reports

Another top spyware mobile app has been shut down according to several reports. Oospy, which in case you don’t know is the successor to the now-defunct app, Spyhide. And with various reports now making the rounds online, is dead.

Top Spyware Mobile App Shut Down

Top Spyware Mobile App Shut Down

It seems like the second coming of Spyhide was a very much short-lived one, with the infamous spyware now truly, and genuinely done and dusted.

Just as reported by TechCrunch, the back-end server of the spyware, which survived the initial shutdown intact (and was the main reason why the app was able to continue operating as it has), was reportedly taken offline in the early parts of this week by its web host, Hetzner. Apparently, the client in question was in violation of its terms of service.

“In addition, we have terminated the customer’s server contract in due time,” Christian Fitz, a spokesperson for Hetzner, revealed to TechCrunch.

With the back-end of the now being taken offline, and the website in question being defunct, it would not seem as if the spyware is now done for.

Cybersecurity Researcher and Hacktivist Discovered Spyhide

A cybersecurity researcher and hacktivist back in late July 2023, reportedly discovered Spyhide. And for those that don’t know, this is a piece of mobile malware that sends real-time information regarding contacts, messages, photos, call logs as well as recordings, and even granular locations, from the endpoint that it is installed on directly to a different device.

This is a commercial product that was developed by an Iranian company. Some people also refer to the app as spouseware, as it is usually untrusting partners that make use of it, by secretly installing it on the devices of their spouses in a bid to keep tabs on what they do. The app in question stays hidden on the mobile phone of the victim.

How Spyhide Was Rebranded To Oospy

Allegedly, it had tens of thousands of users, thus sending hundreds of thousands of sensitive data snippets regarding their wives, husbands, partners, and many more. The hacktivists in question breached the servers and ten blocked access to the data that it was collecting. However, as the app was still very much installed on tens of thousands of phones, and was at the time communicating with its C2 server, its owners on the other hand were able to simply rebrand it and then move on.

Oospy Has Lost Access to Its Back-End Server

And right now, the rebranded app known as Oospy reportedly lost access to its back-end server all thanks to the move of Hetzner, thus terminating the entire operation very much effectively.



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