Top 5 Career Choices for Political Science Majors

Political science is one major sector that is applied in the world today and in this blog, you will get information on the Top 5 Career Choices for Political Science Majors.

Top 5 Career Choices for Political Science Majors
Top 5 Career Choices for Political Science Majors

Graduates that have acquired a degree in the field of political science can actually get good career choices that will help them improve financially and also as you keep reading more information will be provided for your reach.

Top 5 Career Choices for Political Science Majors

There are actually several professionals that already have a political background who also have several skills in communication, public speaking, research, analysis, and critical thinking to aid them to have good career lives. However, in the political science sector there are lots of career prospects and as you read on more understanding will be provided to you.

Policy Analyst

In order to affect public policy, policy analysts conduct studies and assess various laws and most or several policy analysts select one topic to concentrate on, such as cybersecurity or environmental policy. Going further, these experts might which is also regarded as possible to work for the government, lobbying groups, nonprofit organizations, news outlets, NGOs, and others.

However, appropriate data in simple terms good data analysis, and written communication abilities are crucial (very important) for this sector, especially when preparing reports and sharing arguments for or against the implementation of new laws or policies as part of their responsibilities.

Public Relations Specialists

One piece of information that you need to know is that to write press releases, plan press conferences, and interact with the media on behalf of clients, public relations specialists can work for a political campaign, an agency, or in-house for a business or organization and they are very important in this sector. Moreso, in order to get a media outlet to cover a topic, public relations professionals need to be able to come up with appealing angles or perspectives.

Political Campaign Staff

Actually, students who make the decision to study political science frequently or more often do so out of a strong interest in political campaigns or a desire to change the political system. Moreover, at the municipal (local), state, or federal levels, working as a political campaign employee is considered to be one strategy to enhance a candidate’s public perception.


Every Journalist frequently comes from academic disciplines other than journalism or English. A political science degree more definitely equips you with the writing, research, and subject-matter expertise required to work for a newspaper, magazine, or online publication to improve your career life.

However, being a journalist, you can get the chance to focus on writing opinion pieces, news, political coverage, and others. Moreso, if already participated in student publications and enjoyed them, then this is definitely or also a great choice for you to consider.

Legal Assistant/Paralegal

Working as a legal assistant or paralegal may be a suitable option if you are interested in law but are not quite ready to apply to law school, and also these professionals are known to share generally their job duties and are required to undergo a NALA exam for the purpose of being a certified paralegal.

Moreover, Legal assistants and paralegals usually work with attorneys to establish and maintain legal files, do research, and produce legal documents.

Well, these are the top 5 career choices in Political science majors and there are others that include;

  • Grant Writer.
  • Lobbyist
  • Foreign Service Officer.
  • Market Research Analyst.
  • Non-profit program coordinator.
  • Legislative Assistant.
  • Social medial manager.
  • News producer.
  • Urban Planner.
  • Historian
  • Regulatory affairs manager
  • Economist
  • Director of Public Relations

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions that are frequently asked about the Top 5 Career Choices for Political Science Majors for better understanding.

What is the Highest-Paying Job in Politics?

Below are some of the highest-paying political science jobs that degree holders can consider getting.

  • Survey Researcher.
  • Management Analyst.
  • Urban & Regional Planners.
  • Community Service Manager.
  • Federal Civil Servants.
  • Political Scientist.
  • Policy Analyst.

What are the Benefits of Studying Political Science?

You will hone the writing, communication, analytical, and data abilities that are essential to a liberal arts education as a political science major. Also, this kind of education will enable you to respect different points of view, develop critical and independent thinking skills, and gain awareness of current events.

What is the Best Career in Political Science?

Political science graduates can pursue employment in the public sector, working for elected officials or governmental organizations, as well as the commercial sector. Moreso, Policy analyst, legislative assistant, political consultant, social media manager, and market research analyst are among the job titles associated with political science.

Can u do BA in Political Science?

You can select specialties like Civil Services, Public Opinion Analyst, Corporate Manager, Politics, Journalism, Foreign Service Officer, Legal Adviser to Political Parties, Marketing Research Analyst, Election and Campaign Manager, Public Relations Specialist, Bank Manager, and Policy Analyst.

What Job should I do if I like Political Science?

A degree in communications can lead to many various positions in politics such as campaign director, lobbyist, media consultant, press secretary, speechwriter, public affairs specialist, or community affairs specialist.



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