Capital AudioFest 2022 – When is the Capital Audiofest Event?

The Capital Audiofest is an annual three-day audiophile event that caters to music and audio enthusiasts alike. It is the East Coast’s Favorite Audio Show that almost everyone in the audio industry knows about.

Capital AudioFest 2022

CAF is recognized as a fun, friendly, and family-oriented show, where you often see families strolling from room to room listening to music, auditioning gear, and browsing the multiple bins of vinyl records, CDs, and accessories in the Atrium Marketplace. In the evenings they have live music in the bar, special live performers in the Theater, and local distillers offering tastings.

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Capital Audiofest 2022

No one in the audio industry will want to miss the Capital Audiofest. It is East Coast’s Favorite Audio Show. This year’s edition will be taking place from November 11th – 13th, 2022.

People who are not in the audio industry are also preparing greatly because it is a fun-filled event. The event will feature exhibitors.

In the 2022 Capital AudioFest, there will be several exhibitors and each of these exhibitors will be presenting their amazing quality audio equipment at very affordable prices. Also, you can spend the entire weekend looking through vinyl records, listening to live music, and or auditioning tons of equipment including turntables, headphones, speakers, amplifiers, and DACs from many manufacturers and retailers.

When is the Capital Audiofest Event?

The Capital Audiofest 2022 will take place from the 11th to the 13th of November, 2022 at the Twinbrook Hilton in Rockville Maryland. The time for the event is:

Friday 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM EST

Saturday 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM EST

Sunday 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM EST

CAF started in 2010 as a very casual show and has evolved into a well-organized and well-attended event that almost everyone in the audio industry knows about.

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Capital Audiofest Tickets

There are two types of tickets for Capital Audiofest.

  • Single-Day Pass: This is just a one-day ticket, for those who want to attend the event for a day.
  • Multiple-day Pass: This ticket is for the entire weekend pass.

For a single day of admittance into Capital Audiofest 2022, you will pay a Single Day Pass fee of $20.00

For admittance into Capital Audiofest 2022 for the entire weekend, you will pay a Multiple-day Pass of $30.00

How to get the 2022 Capital Audiofest Ticket

To get the 2022 Capital Audiofest ticket click here to Buy Tickets.

Procedure :

  • Click on “buy ticket”
  • Select the ticket that you want to buy whether it is a single or multiple-day pass, and the number of tickets you want either one ticket or two or more, then click on “check out”
  • Fill in your personal details: Name and Email address.
  • Payment section: Fill in the following using your debit card;  Card Number, Expiration Date, Security Code (CVV), Card Holder Name, Address, City, Country Zip/ Postal Code.
  • Click on place order.

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Schedule for Capital Audiofest Event

The 2022 Capital Audiofest is out. The Schedule covers the time, speakers, and topics.

Friday, November 11th

  • The show opens by 10:00 AM EST
  • Guest Speaker: Norman Varney
  • Venue – Washington Theatre

Topic: Noise and Vibration from an Audiophile’s Perspective.

  • By 1:00 PM there will be another guest speaker.
  • Guest Speaker: Michal Jurewicz (Mytek)
  • Venue – Washington Theatre

Topic: Design and architecture of a modern Roon OS-based Music Streamer.

  • By 3:00 PM another guest speaker will be speaking.
  • Guest Speaker: J.R. Boisclair
  • Venue – Washington Theatre

Topic: When Stylus Meets Groove – Advanced Analog Optimization.

  • There will be another speaker by 5:00 PM.
  • Guest Speaker: Ken Stevens
  • Venue – Washington Theatre

Topic: Tubes in Audio – Theory, and practice.

  • The event closes at 6:00 PM.
  • By 7:00 PM there will be live music at Olives Bar.
  • Songbyrd Soundstage Presents: Stripmall Ballads

Saturday, November 12th

  • The event opens at 10:00 PM EST
  • Guest Speaker: Matt Barton
  • Venue – Washington Theatre

Topic: 78s, Cylinders, Surface

  • Noise and CDs: Can Low-Fi and Hi-Fi Find Happiness Together? It’s the story of a very special trip around the world of sound, from 1898 to 1922.
  • 1:00 PM
  • Guest Speakers – Jim Anderson, Ulrike Schwarz, and Michael Fremer.
  • Venue – Washington Theatre

Topic: Roundtable presentation with Jim Anderson and Ulrike Schwarz focused on recording hifi immersive recordings using exciting, high-end technology. Michael Fremer as moderator.

  • 3:00 PM
  • Guest Speaker – Jose Ramirez
  • Venue – Washington Theatre

Topic: Record Playback Technology: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.

  • 5:00 PM
  • Guest Speaker – Charles Kirmuss
  • Venue – Washington Theatre

Topic: Charles Kirmuss will Debunk Record Cleaning Myths.

  • 6:00 PM Show Closes
  • 7:00 PM: Live Music
  • Venue – Olives Bar
  • Anthony Pirog Trio

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Sunday, November 13th

  • The show opens at 10:00 AM EST
  • Guest Speaker: Ken Songer
  • Venue – Washington Theatre

Topic: An Introduction to Field Coil Drivers: Learn the what and whys of a modern field coil driver, and how they are made.

  • 1:00 PM
  • Guest Speaker – Fremmer
  • Venue – Washington Theatre

Topic: Myths abound about vinyl records: Their durability, longevity, frequency response, and dynamic range capabilities.

  • 3:00 PM
  • Guest Speaker – Mytek
  • Venue – Washington Theatre

Topic: Panel discussion: Alberto Guerra (AGD Prod.) and Michal Jurewicz (Mytek) regarding ‘GanFET amplifier technology with triode like sound’

  • 4:00 PM: Show Closes

Exhibitor Rooms

There will be several rooms in the Capital Audiofest event. These rooms are where you will find each exhibitor during the event. This is where the exhibitors will be showcasing their audio equipment, playing music, and many other things. We have several rooms ranging from the Atrium Floor – Third Floor Meeting Rooms – Hallway – Third Floor Rooms – Fifth Floor Rooms – Sixth Floor Rooms.

The 2022 floor plan including the Exhibitor list and room assignments is subject to change, for an update regarding the floor plan and exhibitor room assignment click here Floor Plan

The Capital AudioFest 2022 Exhibitors

This year’s Capital Audiofest is made up of several exhibitors and each of these exhibitors will be showcasing their audio equipment to the people. There will be lots of quality audio equipment from manufacturers and retailers.

AGD Production: AGD Productions, Inc., is a company of innovative talent that started a few years ago with the commitment to channel that incredibly strong drive into something tangible that all audiophiles can experience.

AGD made its mark in technological progress with the launch of the “Vivace” and “The Audion” Hi-End Monoblock amplifiers. The prestigious HiFiPlus magazine awarded AGD The Audion and AGD Andante the PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2021 for the category of PRE/POWER Amplifier combination of the Year.

AGD Production has offered its visitors the novelty technology of the GaNTube sound in different shows like; THE SHOW 2019, AXPONA 2019, and TAMPA 2020 along with the superb Ocean Way Audio speakers by Allen Sides, and at HiFiDeluxe 2019 and RMAF 2019.

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AV Luxury Group International

AV Luxury Group International is specialized in the design, sale, and installation of 2-channel high-end audio systems, and sales of headphones, portable media players, turntables, home theatre products, audio/video cables, media streaming products, home theatre seating, AV furniture, and many other home automation products

The AV Luxury Group is part of the exhibitor’s lists for 2022. Their exhibition rooms are – Suite 632, 630 & 633.


The Association for Recorded Sound Collections (ARSC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation and study of sound recordings, in all genres of music and speech, in all formats, and from all periods. ARSC is unique in bringing together private individuals and institutional professionals—everyone with a serious interest in recorded sound.

ARSC will be doing several recorded sounds for its visitor during the CAF audiophile event. ARSC exhibition room is Booth 11.

Acora Acoustics

Acora Acoustics corporation engineered speakers that bring your music to life. Their loudspeakers are crafted to let pure sound take the stage, directly connecting you to the heart of your music with all its natural colors, just as the artist created it.

Acora Acoustics exhibition room is “Eisenhower.”

Alma Music & Audio

Fabio Storelli launched the Alma Audio concept 13 years ago in Brazil as German Audio Ltd, an importer and distributor of top audio equipment to Brazil. The business is listed as having the most brands with products among the Top 5 reviewed by the largest audio magazine in Latin America and received several press mentions and prizes at Audio Shows in Brazil.

Alma Music and Audio have received numerous accolades since its inception in 2014. The business has received excellent online reviews as well as very favorable press coverage over the years from audio show industry reviews.

Alma Music and Audio exhibition rooms in CAF are – Suite 532, 530, 533, 534 & 537.

Audio Group Denmark

Audio Group Denmark brings people closer to music by creating access to great, authentic, and emotional musical experiences.

Audio Group Denmark has several audio showrooms on the company’s premises, where they present and demonstrate their products to customers, partners, and Hi-Fi enthusiasts from both the region and around the world.

The Audio Group Denmark is part of the CAF exhibitors 2022, their exhibition room is 612.

There will be more than 100 exhibitors during the Capital Audiofest event this year. Some of these exhibitors are – Well Pleased AV, Wally Tools, Von Schweikert Audio, VK Music, Scott Walker Audio, Odyssey, MosArt Audio, Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab, McDowell Time, and many others.

Check out the “2022 exhibitors, their assignment rooms, and their services here. Capital Audiofest 2022 Exhibitors

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How much is the Capital Audiofest ticket 2022?

The Capital Audiofest ticket is in different categories:

For Single-day Pass of admittance into Capital Audiofest 2022 you will pay a Single Day Pass fee of $20.00.

Then for admittance into Capital Audiofest 2022 for the entire weekend, you will pay a Multiple-day Pass of $30.00.

When is the 2022 Capital Audiofest Event?

The Capital Audiofest 2022, will start from November 11th – 13th, at the Twinbrook Hilton, Rockville Maryland. The time for the event is:

Friday 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM EST

Saturday 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM EST

Sunday 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM EST

Are there giveaways in Capital Audiofest and how can I participate?

Yes! Capital Audiofest 2022 has a giveaway for its visitors, “A Pair of Pontos 9 Speakers” Retail Price is $1200.

To be part of this buy the Capital Audiofest 2022 Ticket.

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