Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F Release Date, Cast, News, and Everything We Know So Far

Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F release date, cast, news, and everything we know so far about the sequel from Eddie Murphy. After close to three decades of staying in development hell, Beverly Hills Cop 4 is almost there.

Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F Release Date

Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F Release Date

After a 29-year hiatus, Eddie Murphy is set to return as Axel Foley in the much-anticipated sequel “Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F” in 2024. This sequel has journeyed through a tumultuous path to production, mired in development hell for decades, with numerous script revisions, a revolving door of directors, and Murphy’s temporary step back from acting.

Despite these challenges, the film has successfully completed shooting and has moved into post-production, promising the return of Murphy’s iconic character to the big screen soon. This guide aims to provide all the essential details about the upcoming “Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F,” marking a significant comeback for both the franchise and its star.

Does Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F Have a Release Date

“Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F” is slated for a premiere on Netflix on July 3, 2024, aligning with the Independence Day celebrations and arriving nearly 40 years after the debut of the original “Beverly Hills Cop.” Initially, the film was set for release by Paramount Pictures on March 25, 2016, coinciding with the release of “Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice.” However, it was removed from the release schedule in 2015, undergoing a significant delay before securing its new release date on the streaming platform.

Will the Film Come to Theaters or Streaming

The latest entry in the “Beverly Hills Cop” series, “Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F,” marks a departure from its predecessors in terms of distribution, with Netflix backing the film instead of Paramount Pictures, which handled the first three films. This shift follows a deal between Paramount and Netflix forged in 2019.

While traditionally the franchise saw theatrical releases, the possibility of “Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F” debuting in theaters alongside its Netflix release remains uncertain, as no official confirmation has been provided. Netflix has previously granted theatrical releases to some of its significant titles, such as “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery,” suggesting a potential for “Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F” to follow suit.

The teaser trailer currently promotes the film as being available “Only on Netflix,” leaving room for possible changes in the distribution strategy closer to the film’s release date.

Cast and Characters

Indeed, a “Beverly Hills Cop” sequel without Eddie Murphy is unimaginable. Murphy will be returning to his role as the quick-witted Detroit detective Axel Foley in “Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F,” marking his fourth portrayal of the character in the film series (fifth, if including the unaired 2013 TV series pilot). Beyond the “Beverly Hills Cop” franchise, Murphy has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry with his legendary stand-up career and a diverse range of film roles.

He’s widely recognized for voicing Donkey in the “Shrek” series, and his performances in “Coming to America,” “The Nutty Professor,” “Trading Places,” “Dr. Dolittle,” “Bowfinger,” “Harlem Nights,” “48 Hrs.,” “Boomerang,” and “Dreamgirls,” the last of which earned him an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

Following a hiatus after the 2012 comedy “A Thousand Words,” Murphy made a notable return to cinema with “Mr. Church” in 2016, and then captured audiences’ attention as Rudy Ray Moore in the biopic “Dolemite Is My Name” in 2019. His comeback continued with roles in “Coming 2 America,” “You People,” and “Candy Cane Lane,” reaffirming Murphy’s status as a versatile and enduring talent in Hollywood.

Eddie Murphy will be joined by familiar faces in “Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F,” with Judge Reinhold, Paul Reiser, John Ashton, and Bronson Pinchot confirmed to return as Billy Rosewood, Jeffrey Friedman, John Taggart, and Serge, respectively. While Reinhold, Ashton, and Pinchot have been part of the franchise since its inception, appearing in all three previous films, Reiser’s absence from the third movie makes his comeback a notable addition.

New Additions

The sequel also welcomes fresh talent with Taylour Paige, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Kevin Bacon joining the cast. Paige is set to portray Foley’s estranged daughter, Jane Saunders, who works as a criminal defense attorney. Gordon-Levitt will take on the role of Foley’s new partner, Bobby Abbott, adding a dynamic layer to the protagonist’s journey. Bacon steps into the shoes of Grant, the captain of the Beverly Hills Police Department, promising an interesting dynamic with the returning characters. This blend of original cast members and new faces is poised to infuse “Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F” with a mix of nostalgia and fresh energy.

What Will the Film Be About?

The official synopsis of the movie reads;

“Detective Axel Foley (Eddie Murphy) is back on the beat in Beverly Hills. After his daughter’s life is threatened, she (Taylour Paige) and Foley team up with a new partner (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and old pals Billy Rosewood (Judge Reinhold) and John Taggart (John Ashton) to turn up the heat and uncover a conspiracy.”

Jerry Bruckheimer shared in an interview with Netflix’s Tudum that the transformation of Detroit and Los Angeles over the past three decades will significantly influence the narrative of “Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F.” This insight suggests that the sequel will not only continue the adventures of Axel Foley but also reflect on the socio-economic and cultural shifts in these key cities, integrating these changes into the core of the film’s storyline.

Maker of the Film

“Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F” marks the directorial debut of Mark Molloy, a fresh face in feature filmmaking who brings a rich background from the commercial sector, having directed advertisements for major brands like Apple, Go Daddy, and Nissan. Despite being new to feature film direction, Molloy’s transition follows a path trodden by others who have moved from commercials to movies, promising a unique visual and storytelling perspective for the sequel.

The project has seen various directors, including Brett Ratner and the duo Adil El Arbi & Bilall Fallah, previously considered for the helm before Molloy took over. Eddie Murphy is not only reprising his iconic role but is also involved in production, working alongside renowned producer Jerry Bruckheimer, as well as Chad Oman and Melissa Reid. Bruckheimer’s legendary status in Hollywood is underscored by his work on the earlier “Beverly Hills Cop” movies and other major franchises like “Top Gun,” “Pirates of the Caribbean,” “Bad Boys,” and “National Treasure.”

The screenplay is crafted by Will Beall, known for his work on “Aquaman” and “Gangster Squad,” and brings his experience as a former LAPD officer to the narrative. Additionally, the script benefits from the creative input of Tom Gormican and Kevin Etten, the minds behind “The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent,” adding depth and a fresh take to the “Beverly Hills Cop” saga.

When and Where Did Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F Film

After enduring a prolonged period in development limbo, “Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F” officially began production in August 2022. The filming kicked off in San Bernardino, California, and continued with additional shoots in Detroit, Michigan, reflecting the movie’s connection to both cities as central to its storyline and character development.

This strategic choice of locations underlines the film’s intent to pay homage to Axel Foley’s roots as well as his adventures in Beverly Hills. The production successfully concluded in early 2023, setting the stage for the next phase of post-production and eventually leading to its anticipated release.



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