Best Vanilla Extracts – Types of Vanilla 

What is the best Vanilla exact to buy now? Vanilla extracts are made by softening and percolating vanilla pods in a solution of ethanol and water. They are used for baking cakes, cookies, brownies, cupcakes, as well as ice cream, and more.Best Vanilla Extracts

Although the price of vanilla on the global market currently is close to $600 per kilogram. Despite how expensive it is, as a dedicated baker or chef, you will go for the real vanilla.

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Best Vanilla Extracts

Going for the real vanilla means there are artificial vanilla flavorings gotten from a bunch of unnatural stuff. But as a baker or chef, you won’t like to ruin the dish you worked so hard to make by making it taste artificial.

In addition, vanilla is expensive but available. So, if you are planning on baking a delicious cake or a batch of cupcakes from scratch, go with the natural and original vanilla extract. Scroll down for more information.

How to Choose Vanilla Extracts 

Here are a few things you should keep in mind when purchasing your vanilla extract.

How is Extract made 

You need to consider what vanilla extracts are made of, Pure vanilla extracts use real vanilla pods and typically a blend of alcohol and water to pull out the flavor. 

In addition, some vanilla ingredients are sugar or additional flavoring. Coloring is added to improve the initial taste or look. 

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Consider where Vanilla Comes From 

They grow from a vining orchid species. They are flowers that are painstaking hand-pollinated, and the beans take around a year and a half to mature and cure. 

They are made in Madagascar, Tahiti, and Mexico. This organization produces the majority of vanilla beans and has a strong, high-quality flavor that is a good option for baking or freezing. 

Other regions such as Indonesia or even some African nations also produce vanilla beans. 

Consider the Size Best for you 

You don’t need to purchase giant bottles unless you’re a commercial baker. Natural vanilla extract goes a long way from just a little and will store best in the two to the eight-ounce range. If you’re going to splurge, go for a smaller bottle to use in cold desserts or drinks because heat can degrade the flavor just a little.

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How to Store Vanilla 

You know they are expensive, so when you invest in them you need to know how to store them. Always store your vanilla in a cool, temperature-stable location away from light or heat drafts. This includes both liquid extract and paste.


You also need to check the price of the best vanilla before buying. The beans are commonly sold in grocery stores in glass jars with two beans, costing around $15.

However, for recipes requiring multiple beans, vanilla can easily become the most expensive ingredient in your recipe.

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Best Vanilla Extracts for Baking 

Below are the best vanilla extracts for baking so far.

Watkins All-Natural Original Gourmet Baking Vanilla

Watkins Extracts deliver pure flavor made from natural flavors in trend-forward flavors. They are perfect for desserts, drinks, and more. They are made with the world’s finest vanilla beans and all naturally derived ingredients. 

This vanilla is the best ideal for baking. There are no artificial colors or flavors.  It contains sulfites and is crafted in the USA. It has non-GMO, Gluten-free, corn syrup free, and kosher.


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McCormick All-Natural Pure Vanilla Extract

McCormick Pure Vanilla Extract is prized for flavor, aroma, and quality. This vanilla extract is at the heart of baking, making your cookies, cakes, and pies the stars of your dessert spread. 

The all-natural vanilla has all the qualities pure vanilla extract should have a strong, floral-like sweetness with hints of bourbon, rum, and dried fruit. 

In addition, premium pure vanilla bean extract with a deep, rich taste and color. Tach batch blended for consistent flavor in every bottle. 


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Simply Organic Vanilla Extract

Simply Organic Vanilla extract is made from the Madagascar Bourbon variety of vanilla beans and has no added sugar, buttery smooth, extra-sweet flavor and subtle floral notes make this vanilla extract great for desserts and sauces.  

The simply organic beliefs in pure and potent flavor grown at the source. In addition, it is a 100% certified organic line of spices, seasoning mixes, and baking flavors. 


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Rodelle Pure Vanilla Extract 

This product is perfect for restaurants, food service, and home cooks alike. This vanilla extraction utilizes a highly advanced heat percolation process that ensures a deep and rich vanilla flavor. 

In addition, 75% of their waste is recycled or reused. Everything from pallets to vanilla bottles. 


Danncy Pure Vanilla Extract from Mexico

These vanilla extras are made using only the finest ingredients and they are from Mexico bow in the US. It comes in 2 plastic bottles with the best of both worlds sealed bottles 33 or each. 

However, you can bake and impress your friends and family using this delicious vanilla. Specially made for customers who love to bake and cook, it’s essential for making pure white wedding cakes and maintaining vibrant colors in all of your decorating.


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LorAnn Organic Madagascar Vanilla Bean Paste 

LorAnn uses the finest pure vanilla extract and uses only the best vanilla beans grown on the island of Madagascar. Additionally, it is also known as bourbon vanilla. These beans are aged to perfection on the vine to produce a rich, creamy, smooth flavor that blends beautifully with a variety of food. 

This rich concentrated paste adds rich flavor plus gorgeous flecks of real vanilla seeds.   Use it anywhere you would use a vanilla extract or wherever the flavor and appearance of vanilla bean are desired.


Best Pure Vanilla Extract from Mexico

 The following are the best pure vanilla extracts from Mexico, shop at Amazon:

2 X Danncy Clear Pure Mexican Vanilla Extract

This product is not American vanilla extract and has a distinctly Mexican vanilla flavor. Danncy vanilla has a unique aroma and features a strong fragrance and rich flavor. The taste is sweet and strong. Great for any recipe.

This vanilla is a flavoring material made with vanilla and water. The other ingredients are just preservatives. It can also be used for baking.


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1 X Clear Danncy Pure Mexican Vanilla Extract 

The clear vanilla is great to use in foods that you want to keep as white as possible, such as whipping cream, meringue, icing, and so on.

The Danncy pure vanilla extract from Mexico 1 plastic bottle sealed. It is made with organic oak leaves, organic LOLLO rosa, tango, romaine heart leaves, etc. 


Types of Vanilla 

There are different types of vanilla, they include:

Vanilla Beans 

Vanilla beans are a little pudgy with a nice oily gloss. Vanilla beans can be used by splitting and scraping the tiny, juicy beans out of the pod and into your mix, or infusing them into a liquid recipe with the bean pod included for additional flavor.

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Pure Vanilla Extract

Pure vanilla extract is another top type of vanilla on the market. It is made by infusing vanilla beans in a minimum of 35 percent alcohol. The vanilla is extracted either by gently heating the liquid, which expedites the extraction process or by a cold extraction, which typically takes longer and costs more.

Imitation Vanilla Extract 

Imitation vanilla extract skips the vanilla bean entirely and relies solely on the synthetically produced chemical vanillin. Imitation vanilla extract is either sold clear or with an additional caramel color to mimic pure extract.

Vanilla Bean Paste 

Vanilla bean paste is the thicker, visually exciting counterpart to vanilla extract, blending both vanilla extract with vanilla seeds. Bean pastes or extracts with seeds included can be used in both hot and cold cooking applications and are typically more expensive than vanilla extract.

Vanilla Bean Powder 

Vanilla powder is made dry, alcohol and liquid-free, and sometimes a color-neutral alternative to whole beans and extracts. If you are looking for vanilla flavoring without the brown color, choose a white-hued vanilla bean powder.



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