UNESCO/Nestlé – Because Youth Matter Initiative 2023 – APPLY NOW

The “Because Youth Matter” initiative is a collaborative effort between UNESCO and Nestlé. It seeks to empower young people by providing them with opportunities to create positive social change. The initiative aims to unleash the potential of youth in making a difference in society, this will be achieved through nurturing their ideas and supporting their projects.

UNESCO/Nestlé - Because Youth Matter Initiative 2023
UNESCO/Nestlé – Because Youth Matter Initiative 2023

The first phase of the “Because Youth Matter” initiative will begin in Latin America. A call for applications is now open across the region, inviting young individuals and youth-led organizations to submit their projects. This initial focus on Latin America is a stepping stone towards scaling up the initiative to a global level in the future.

Focus Areas for Projects

The “Because Youth Matter” initiative is particularly interested in projects that address the following focus areas:

  • Projects that aim to reduce inequalities and promote social inclusion and diversity are highly encouraged. By tackling issues such as poverty, gender inequality, and discrimination, these projects contribute to creating a more equitable society.
  • Given the pressing challenges of climate change, projects focusing on climate action and sustainability are of great importance. Young people with innovative ideas for environmental conservation, renewable energy, and sustainable practices will find a supportive platform through this initiative.
  • The mental health and well-being of young individuals are essential for their overall development. Projects that address mental health challenges, raise awareness, and promote emotional well-being will be welcomed as part of the “Because Youth Matter” initiative.


The UNESCO/Nestlé – Because Youth Matter Initiative offers a total of 20 grants worth up to $10,000 each to young entrepreneurs, leaders, and youth organizations.

This grant is to support their efforts in developing and practicing socially impactful change-making strategies.

Nestlé and UNESCO will provide training and mentorship opportunities to grantees as they develop their initiatives.

Application Criteria

To be eligible for the “Because Youth Matter” initiative, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Age: 18 and 30 years old.
  • Region: Applicants must be from and living in Latin America.
  • We encourage youth-led organizations and networks with local or national scope to apply.
  • You must have Spanish language skills as we will be using it as the working language of the initiative.
  • You should complete projects within 9 months and implement them at the local or national level.
  • We encourage applicants to submit comprehensive project proposals that demonstrate their commitment, creativity, and feasibility.

How to Apply

To apply for UNESCO/Nestlé – Because Youth Matter Initiative 2023, visit the  UNESCO page on:  comunidad.socialab.com to apply

For more details, kindly visit the UNESCO website at: https://www.unesco.org/en/youth/matter

Application Deadline

July 17, 2023.

In Conclusion, the UNESCO/Nestlé “Because Youth Matter” initiative presents a unique opportunity for young individuals in Latin America to make a difference in their communities. The initiative provides a platform for young leaders to develop and implement innovative solutions. Submit your application now to unlock your potential as a change-maker.



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