Bayobaba Places Subsea 2Africa Cables in Nigeria and Ghana

Bayobaba places subsea 2Africa cables in Nigeria and Ghana. MTN Group’s wholesale infrastructure company has reportedly landed 45,000 km subsea 2Africa cable in Lagos, Nigeria and Accra, Ghana.

Bayobaba Subsea 2Africa Cables in Nigeria and Ghana

According to the company, Nigerian and Ghanaian service providers will now have fair and equitable access to capacity in carrier-neutral data centres of world-class nature or open-access cable landing stations.

Bayobaba Subsea 2Africa Cables in Nigeria and Ghana

Bayobab Africa, previously known as MTN GlobalConnect, underwent a significant rebranding in May 2023, positioning itself as a key player in the digital services and connectivity sectors across Africa. With a strategic focus on forging both local and international partnerships, Bayobab is committed to enhancing digital infrastructure across the continent. Currently boasting a robust network of over 108,000 kilometres of fibre, Bayobab has ambitious plans to expand its fibre network to 135,000 kilometres by 2025, underscoring its commitment to improving connectivity and facilitating digital growth in Africa.

As an integral member of the 2Africa consortium, Bayobab collaborates with prominent industry players such as Center3, China Mobile International, Meta (formerly Facebook), Orange, Telecom Egypt, Vodafone Group, and WIOCC. This consortium is at the forefront of deploying the world’s largest subsea cable project, a monumental undertaking that promises to revolutionize internet access and bandwidth capacity across Africa and beyond. The 2Africa project represents a significant leap forward in connecting millions of people to the global digital economy, reinforcing Bayobab’s role in the continent’s ongoing digital transformation.

As per Bayobab, “cables like 2Africa lay the foundation for the global internet, connecting people and continents, and once live, they will help deliver better and much-needed capacity between Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.”

The Significance of the Company’s Cable Landings

Mohammed Aliyu, the Chief FibreCo Officer at Bayobab Africa, has highlighted the significance of the company’s cable landings as a testament to its dedication to the ‘East2West project.’ This initiative is focused on narrowing the digital divide between West Africa and the broader continent. Bayobab is set on this mission by offering dark fibre access and active fibre capacity across more than ten African nations, aiming to enhance digital connectivity and infrastructure development.

Bayobab Rebranded From MTN GlobalConnect in 2023

Bayobab, which rebranded from MTN GlobalConnect in 2023, operates a Global Customer Success Centre in Ghana and has been active in expanding the reach of the 2Africa cable project within the continent. The company announced the landing of the 2Africa cable in Ghana, with completion phases spread across 2023 and 2024. Furthermore, Bayobab was awarded a National Long-Distance Operator Licence in Nigeria in September 2023, marking a significant milestone in its expansion efforts.

What the Recent Cable Landings Represent

The recent cable landings represent the third and fourth in a sequence of six across five countries, including Ghana, Nigeria, Côte d’Ivoire, and South Africa. These efforts are part of Bayobab’s strategic plan to bolster internet connectivity in Africa, previously evidenced by the landing of the 2Africa cable in Yzerfontein and Duynefontein, South Africa, while the company was still known as MTN GlobalConnect.

Technological Advancements Revolutionizing Various Sectors across Africa

Bayobab’s initiatives are timely, as technological advancements continue to revolutionize various sectors across Africa. The company recognizes the critical need for enhanced internet connectivity to support the continent’s digital transformation. The 2Africa cable is expected to play a pivotal role in developing a more robust internet ecosystem, facilitating improved access for businesses and consumers alike, and driving forward economic and social development across Africa.



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