Backbone One Now Has an Android Version

Backbone One now has an Android version of its PlayStation-branded mobile game controller. The PlayStation of the Backbone One was initially launched for iOS phones and devices back in 2022.

Backbone One Android Version

Backbone One Android Version

If you were an Android user and you were jealous of the iOS-exclusive PlayStation-branded Backbone One mobile gaming controller in the previous year, be jealous no more. Backbone just announced an Android-compatible version of its PlayStation edition controller on Tuesday that is now available to order.

Backbone One Android Version Design

And just like the iOS version, the Backbone One PlayStation edition looks kind of like the Backbone One that is mixed together with one of Sony’s DualSense controllers. Things from the Backbone One such as the offset analog sticks, orange Backbone button, and three lines menu button are all present in this new device.

But on this special version however, the ABXY buttons are swapped for Sony’s cross, circle, square, and triangle, and the color of the grips matches with the standard PS5 white, and you can also see a PlayStation logo on the back of the controller, and your phone will directly plug into the controller with a USB-C connector instead of Lightning.

What to Expect With This New Android Version

Otherwise from all of these, you can expect a very similar experience to what you would get from the standard Backbone One which as you should know also launched later for Android. The controller in question allows you to play games across all sorts of different services, and this is inclusive of games that you download from app stores as well as titles that you stream from services such as Xbox Game Pass.

The controller also is not exclusively functional with PlayStation Remote Play even though it is PlayStation-branded. Backbone also has a robust app that also acts as a hub to get access to games that you can play with the controller and even some social elements all up in the mix.

Cost and Availability

The controller in question costs $99, and it will be available to order starting on Tuesday in the US, Canada, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Australia, and New Zealand. And very soon, you will be able to get it in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and even Singapore.



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