Apple Reportedly Demos Its AR/VR Headset to Top Executives

Apple reportedly demos its AR/VR headset to top executives. And according to Bloomberg, the device might be unveiled to the public very soon.

Apple Reportedly Demos Its AR/VR Headset to Top Executives

Apple Reportedly Demos Its AR/VR Headset to Top Executives

Many of Apple’s top executives were present in Cupertino, California, just recently for a special demonstration of the unreleased AR/VR headset of the company, according to a Bloomberg report.

“The demonstrations were polished, glitzy, and exciting,” Bloomberg’s Apple reporter Mark Gurman, stated.

The Demonstration Happened In the Steve Jobs Theater

Gurman however noted that the demonstration happened in Apple’s largest venue, the Steve Jobs Theater. And according to Gurman, this might suggest that the headset is close to a public unveiling.

The headset as you should know will have a starting price of around $3,000, and it will sport an external battery that will need to be replaced after a couple of hours of use, Gurman wrote. The headset according to reports is uncomfortable and would lack a standout app upon its release.

The Company’s Solution to the Challenges of the Headset

And according to the report, some Apple executives are aware of the challenges the headset and firm might get to face, and they are at the moment trying to set realistic expectations. But executives however expect interest in the headset to grow with time.

On request for comment, Apple immediately did not respond.

Apple’s iOS 17 Software Update

Gurman also reported in his Power On newsletter that Apple’s iOS 17 will very much likely be a larger release than originally expected. iOS 17 Initially was thought to focus mainly on bug fixes and performance improvements. But Gurman has now written that the goal of iOS 17 now will be to bring some of the most requested features of users to iPhones.



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