Apple Has Been Given a Deadline for switching the iPhone to USB-C

Apple has been given a deadline for switching the iPhone to USB-C straight from the office of the EU.

Apple Has Been Given a Deadline for switching the iPhone to USB-C

Apple Has Been Given a Deadline for switching the iPhone to USB-C

The European Union has now reportedly set a deadline of December 27, 2024, for device manufacturers to make the switch to USB-C for their data and charging ports. This simply means that Apple will be forced to abandon the iPhone lightning connector before the date set up by the EU at some point in time.

And while the decision by the EU had been made already, this new development is the date. It also means that apple could get away with keeping lightning for the 2024 iPhone 16, but however the 2025 iPhone 17 will have to add USB-C.

Apple Could Produce a Completely Portless iPhone 17

There is however a loophole and it is that apple could produce the iPhone 17 completely portless, and in that way, it would rely on Wi-Fi for data transfer and wireless charging in juicing up the battery. And you should also know that devices that charge wirelessly only are exempt from the new rules set up by the European Union.

We already heard rumors that apple is thinking of making the switch of the iPhone 15 over to USB-C for its port, or at least the Pro models of the device. It’s however fair to say that we have heard the same rumor for various successive iPhones at this very point.

The Deadline Is Extended Until April 2026 for Laptop Makers

For makers of laptops, the European Union’s deadline is extended until April 2026. And in addition, hardware firms that have the same charging speed is made available no matter the type of charger that is used in a bid to improve compatibility.

This however only applies to the EU, but it is not going to be worthwhile for firms such as apple to make one run of its products with USB-C and the other without. And with that being said, it’s now simply a question of just how long we will have to wait to see a USB-C iPhone.


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