Apex Legend Mobile Finally Gets a Release Date

Apex Legend Mobile Finally gets a Release Date. “Apex legends” was released on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation in February 2019, and in less than three years after it was launched, the free-to-play battle royale acquired over one million users.

Apex Legend Mobile Finally Gets a Release Date

The success of this game is no secret; the revved-up game is a unique spin on the battle royale genre with 18 “legends” that possess extraordinary powers in the same universe as “Apex” developer Respawn’s previous game “titanfall.”

Apex Legend Mobile Finally has a Release Date

More interestingly, the battle royale game has been in testing for a while now for mobile devices for some months now, according to EA, and Respawn has just announced the release date for the global availability of “Apex Legends Mobile.”

The team behind Apex Legends Mobile went to Twitter and YouTube to announce the game arrival date for the mobile version. As stated by the official accounts, the game has been scheduled to arrive on Android and iOS for users across the world on the 17 of May 2022. Alongside the announcement, the official channels also released a trailer for the highly anticipated game.

Mobile-Exclusive legends and Modes

If a previous leak is believed, Apex Legends Mobile” will come with some features and modes exclusive to the mobile version. The Mobile game was reportedly built from the ground up and it would allow the players to select from 10 legends during the launch.

While nine of these legends are expected to be from the desktop and console versions, a leak by Exporter suggests that the mobile version will have an exclusive legend named Fade or “Phasing Punisher.” The leak claims Fade features red and silver armor and had a skull-like mask that makes him look more like a different legend, Revenant.

With this release, “Apex Legends Mobile” goes up against the other battle royale games that is adapted for mobile. The list includes “PUBG,” “Call of Duty,” “Fortnite,” and “Battlefield.” In addition, “Valorant” soon would be joining the clique with its very own variant that is in development.


In other to access “Apex Legends Mobile” right from the launch time, you should pre-register for the game. You can choose to head over to the Google Play Store to re-register for the game on your Android device or book a slot in the queue for your iOS device by signing in to the EA website. By pre-registering, you also would be eligible for some early bird rewards in the form of skins and other cosmetic items when the game finally launches on the 17 of May.

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