Another iPhone 14 Upgrade Has Been Leaked

Another iPhone 14 upgrade has been leaked and it now seems to be a normal thing these days. With this new leak, it’s now all sounding like the superior phone.

Another iPhone 14 Upgrade Has Been Leaked

Another iPhone 14 Upgrade Has Been Leaked

As of late, we have been hearing a lot of rumors in regards to how the iPhone 14 will be inferior to its pro and pro max siblings more so than in previous years. And now a new leak has shown us another medium in which apple might be differentiating its phones.

This news is coming from Korean site The Elec, a website from which a supply chain of information about various devices often. And this time, the website has yet again provided information on the screens to expect in the four anticipated iPhone 14 models.

Previous iPhone 14 Leaks

And as previous leaks have shown and suggested, the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro are all expected to have 6.1-inch displays, while the 14 max and 14 Pro Max are both set to get 6.7-inch screens. What is really interesting about all this and what really is making the headline here is the tech that is used on these screens.

What is the difference between LTPS and LTPO?

The two lower-tier phones on the other hand which are the 14 and 14 max are both set to make use of LTPS tech while the top-end pro devices are all slated to get LTPO. You may be wondering what the difference here is. Well, it is simple. The LTPO is a whole lot better for variable refresh rates. This means quicker and more efficient when sliding between 1Hz, in the event that is reading an e-book, to 24Hz if you are streaming or watching a movie, to 60Hz or even 120Hz if it is that you are doing other tasks.

Generally, high refresh rate phones are well known to burn through battery fast and LTPO here is very much more power efficient thus ensuring that battery life will last longer. This, therefore, means that the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max could actually go longer without charges than their equivalents of the same size.


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