AMD RDNA 3 GPUs May Be Hard To Purchase When Launched

AMD RDNA 3 GPUs may be hard to purchase when launched as rumors at the moment claims that initial stock levels may be very low but however should be expected to improve thereafter.

AMD RDNA 3 GPUs May Be Hard To Purchase When Launched

AMD RDNA 3 GPUs May Be Hard To Purchase When Launched

The RDNA 3 graphics card of AMD will be hitting the shelves in the coming month, but they however could be hard to get online or in brick-and-mortar stores, if with a fresh assertion in the grapevine is genuine and legit.

And as flagged up by @harukaze5719 on the social media platform Twitter, Quasarzone (QSZ) dropped some pieces of information in regards to stock levels of the RX 7900 models which as usual we must take in with some sense of skepticism.

Quasarzon Worryingly Predicts That the Initial Stock Levels Will Be Extremely Low

Quasarzon worryingly predicts that the initial stock levels of the RX 7900 XT and 7900 XTX will be extremely low, with the usage of the word extremely by the leaker being the concerning lot of course. That being said, this makes it sound as if there will be very few units on the shelves when finally it launched at least to start things off with when the new RDNA 3 GPUs land on December 13.

Powerful Custom Boards from Third-Party Card Makers Will Not Be Turning Up Until December Ending

There is a twist here you should know of though because as elaborated by @harukaze5719, this likely refers to the reference boards that are built to the baseline spec of AMD whereas more powerful custom boards from third-party card makers will not be turning up until towards the later parts of December.

The More Performant Models Could Be Arriving With Beefier Stock Levels

The more performant models however could be arriving with beefier stock levels. But that’s however just some educated guesswork on the part of the Twitter leaker. And as noted already, this whole parcel of rumors will be needed to be treated with some level of caution.


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