Nvidia Patches a Host of GPU Driver Security Bugs

Nvidia patches a host of GPU driver security bugs. The patches made reportedly cover more than 34 different vulnerabilities.

Nvidia Patches a Host of GPU Driver Security Bugs

Nvidia Patches a Host of GPU Driver Security Bugs

Nvidia has now patched a host of bugs that are impacting its GPU Display Driver, thus addressing problems and issues that may have led to “code execution, denial of service, escalation of privileges, information disclosure, or data tampering”.

The security bulleting reportedly addressed 29 vulnerabilities in total, all ranging widely in security, which could easily see hardware such as its flagship GeForce, and RTX line of graphics cards and also the NVIDIA Studio platform to be used as vulnerable endpoints by cyber criminals of course.

Nvidia Is Still Dominating the GPU Market

The latest update is coming as Nvidia is still displaying its obvious dominance within the GPU market. In Q3, Nvidia had a very significant 88% of the GPU market in contrast to just 8% for AMD and 4% for Intel as per Jon Peddie Research (JPR).

The Discovered Vulnerabilities

The largest issue that was however discovered was dubbed CVE-2022-34669 and then given a ratio of 8.8. This issue contained a vulnerability in the user mode layer. Where a regular user who is unprivileged could get access to or modify system files or any other type of files that are critical and important to the application.

However, coming in second place was CVE-2022-34671 with a ranking of 8.5 which is yet another instance of a vulnerability in the user mode layer where an unprivileged user could cause what is known as out-of-bounds write.

How to Avoid These Types of Security Problems and Protect Your System

And in order to avoid these types of security problems and protect your system, Nvidia has suggested that you download and install software updates through the official Nvidia Driver Downloads page. Or alternatively, for the vGPU software and Nvidia cloud gaming updates, you can instead go straight to the Nvidia licensing portal.


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