Amazon And Steph Curry Currently Developing ToeJam & Earl Movie

Amazon and Steph Curry currently developing ToeJam & Earl movie of Sega Genesis Fame. And you should also know that the writing team of the reported movies includes the writers of Hotel Transylvania 4.

Amazon And Steph Curry Currently Developing ToeJam & Earl Movie

Amazon And Steph Curry Currently Developing ToeJam & Earl Movie

The mascots of the Sega Genesis game ToeJam & Earl will be getting their very own feature film courtesy of Amazon Studios, pro basketball player Stephen Curry’s Unanimous Media, and Story Kitchen (Sonic the Hedgehog as per a report on Monday from the Hollywood Reporter. The writers of Hotel Transylvania, Amos Vernon, and Nunzio Randazzo are reported to be writing the movie also.

The original ToeJam and Earl made their first appearance back in 1991. Crafted by Greg Johnson and Mark Voorsanger, it features the two titular aliens who crash-landed on earth and must find pieces of their spaceship to return home. Both ToeJam and Earl heavily borrow from the culture of 90s hip hop.

What the Movie Is All About

The movie is set to follow a similar plot with ToeJam and Earl traveling to earth to pay a visit to the origin of the music that inspires their very own culture heavily. And upon landing on earth, they found out that it’s not a musical paradise like they have imagined, but however if does have some chart-topping beats. They both hope that finding music will save their planet.

Fully Animated 3D Movies Are Gaining Attraction Recently

Video games continue to be a popular inspiration for movie studios. Moviegoers already have gotten live-action titles such as ‘Uncharted,’ Sonic the Hedgehog, and Detective Pikachu, all films have reportedly broken the $400 million mark at the box office. Fully animated 3D movies are also gaining attraction as of late, with The Super Mario Bros. Movie, being made by Illumination which is responsible for other titles such as Despicable Me and The Secret Life of Pets is currently in development at Universal Pictures.

The Video Game Industry Is Currently Cashing In On the Popularity of Movie Integrations

The video game industry itself is a massive one, thus bringing in revenues that usurp both movies and North American sports put together. Studios at the moment are banking on that popularity, which explains the reason two Angry Birds movies have already been made. Upcoming video game movies you should know about include BorderlandsPac-ManGhosts of Tsushima, and Metal Gear.

ToeJam & Earl in the Early 90s Spawned Three Sequels

ToeJam and Earl in the early 90s went on to become a cult classic and even spawned three sequels which are ToeJam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron, ToeJam & Earl III: Mission to Earth, and Kickstarter-backed ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove in 2019.


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