Facebook Dating is Here to Stay: Exclusive Features you Would Love to Tryout

Facebook dating is here to stay, simple and plain. Facebook has never been this interesting, year over year they always seem to amaze us. Have you all heard of the Facebook dating platform where people get hooked up and meet their true love?

Facebook Dating Is Here To Stay

It is one of the newest features introduced on Facebook such as the Facebook marketplace, Facebook avatar, and so on. But the Facebook dating feature is the major topic right now.

Facebook Dating is Here to Stay

The Facebook dating feature is more like a platform integrated into the main Facebook app where singles meet and date anyone based on their preferences. They also get matched automatically by Facebook based on their profile details. It’s such an awesome feature and I’m sure with the growth rate Facebook dating is here to stay.

How to Access Facebook Dating on your Normal Facebook Account

This is the kind of app we’ve all been waiting for, many singles are found relocating to the Facebook platform to gain access to this awesome feature. It’s so unique that despite the fact that it’s integrated into the main platform, it still works like a different platform. It is built in such a way that anything you do does not interfere with the main platform and it can be accessed through these steps:

  • Launch the Facebook app through your device
  • Sign in to your Facebook account
  • Click the menu icon
  • Tough the heart icon which is the Facebook dating icon
  • Select your gender
  • Confirm your location which is where you are situated
  • Answer the question properly
  • Upload a photo of yourself
  • Set your gender preferences
  • Click on the Next button

Once you have created the account, you are given immediate access to the platform and immediately Facebook will display potential matches based on what you have filled in during the setup. So, it’s so important that you take it seriously.

Now that you’re on the platform, you can find people that you share similar interests, find them through the group, and meet them up through Facebook dating events because truly Facebook dating is here to stay for all of us.

Exclusive Features of Facebook Dating

Why Facebook dating? Yes, it has to be, not just because is the number one social media platform in the world but because of what it has to offer. It shows a different style which is so unique and quite different from other platforms. It gives you what other platforms can’t offer you or even more than what they could offer. So, there are lots of features attached to this platform that is of great benefit.

Have you heard of the secret crush list? If not, you don’t need to ask about what’s the secret crush list as it will be explained in a few details. This feature enables users to add as many as 9 friends that they admire secretly be it from Facebook or Instagram.

Actually, they will get notified but don’t who has them on their crush list except if you both have yourself on your crush list then you will be matched automatically.

There is also the share your plan feature where users get to share their locations to their date due to safety and security. Your location as well can also be shared with your family and friends so as to know the location of the meeting with your lovely date.

Don’t forget to share yours. Facebook dating feature allows its users to select their potential matches from a nearby location or physical characteristics and so on.


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