Amazon Trade-In – What If My Device Doesn’t Qualify for Trade-In?

If you are looking for a way to trade in eligible items like Amazon devices, electronics, video games, and more, Amazon trade-in is the best option.

Amazon Trade-In
Amazon Trade-In

Amazon’s trade-in is one of Amazon’s commitments to building a sustainable business for its customers and the planet.

Furthermore, they help restored and re-sold to new owners wherever possible, and any devices not qualified for resale are recycled via an Amazon-approved recycler.

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Amazon Trade-In

The Amazon trade-in program is very beneficiary. If your device is not eligible for the trade-in program, the Amazon recycling program will provide you with a shipping label for you to ship your device to be recycled and safely disposed of at a licensed recycling facility at no cost.

Nevertheless, the trade-ins may also be eligible for a limited-time, promotional credit off a new qualifying Amazon device. The trade-in process is straightforward and convenient with an immediate offer and free shipping.

What is Amazon Trade-In?

Amazon trade-in is a program that let you trade in eligible items such as electronics, video games, Amazon devices, and more. It is very easy and convenient to access; you get a quoted trade-in value for your items and free shipping for your submission.

The Trade-in program is constantly updated with new items, so check back regularly. Generally. All the items you wish to trade in must match the exact version on the trade-in devices selection screen.

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How Amazon Trade-in Works

The process is very easy and convenient, below are the steps to follow to trade in your item at Amazon.

Tell Amazon About your Items: You will have to answer some questions about your item’s condition to receive a Trade-in quote.  If your submission qualifies for instant payment, you can get your trade-in benefits right away.

Ship it for free: You will have to print a shipping label and send in your item for free. In 10 working days, Amazon will verify its condition.

GET Paid and Buy a New Qualifying device: After your trade-in is accepted, an gift card equal qualifying Amazon device will automatically apply to your account.

How to Submit Items for Trade-In

There are different forms of submitting your trade-in, either via the Amazon mobile app on your Android or IOS or from the website.  To submit a trade-in, follow these steps below:

  • Open your device and go to
  • Once open, search for eligible items
  • Select an item to add to your trade-in submission
  • Choose the condition of your item(s) based on the criteria listed
  • Choose what to do if your item is in a lower condition
  • Click on Continue
  • Choose an address from which you will ship your items
  • Then follow the on-screen instructions.

Furthermore, you can choose to confirm trade0in to print your prepaid UPS shipping label.  Ship your items by the date indicated.

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What Condition do my items Need to be in?

During the trade-in submission process, you will answer questions about the condition of your electronics item.

The condition descriptions below outline the minimum condition criteria that are accepted for trade-in:

  • The device must be owned by you and not be financial via a third-party such as a cell phone carrier.
  • Your device must match the product title and version, carrier, size, and colour selected.
  • Your device must be unlocked and de-registered from any online accounts

Furthermore, if you want to be paid at the highest value for your trade-in, your devices must be in good condition with all features of the device operational. Your item must power on, hold a charge, and not power off unexpectedly.


What If My Device Doesn’t Qualify for Trade-In?

If your devices do not qualify for trade-in, you can recycle Amazon devices and accessories through an Amazon-approved recycler at no cost to you and with free shipping.

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Is Amazon A Trade Site?

The Amazon trade-in allows you to trade in eligible items such as Amazon devices, electronics, Video games, etc.

How Can I Trade My Kindle?

  • You will tell Amazon about your item and answer a few questions about the condition of your items
  • Ship it for free, print a shipping label, and send in your item for free
  • Wait for 10 days to verify its conditions
  • Get paid and by a new qualifying device

How Do I Prepare My Device For Trade?

  • You will have to unlock your device from cloud services prior to shipping Amazon your trade-in.
  • Visit Unlock or deregister your devices for trade-in instructions
  • You will have to perform a factory reset in order to remove any personal content from the applicable devices before submitting.
  • Backup your applicable device before performing the factory reset

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Does Amazon Still Trade In Books?

Amazon no longer accepts trade-in books. You can sell your used books on Amazon through a seller account. Search Amazon’s trade-in store to see what types of items are eligible for trade-in.

How Do I Ship My Trade-In?

Print the shipping label and pack your trade-in item(s) securely in a box or padded envelope to prevent any damages from occurring in transit.

Does Amazon still Buy DVDs?

Amazon will allow you to trade in your DVDs for an Amazon gift card. As long as the DVDs are in good shape and still work, you can quickly liquidate them through the platform.



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