10 Jobs to Make 6 Figures Salary In 2022

This content is most likely to pop up to those who have searched with the phrase 10 Jobs to Make 6 Figures Salary In 2022. After gaining all the skills to become a professional, landing a six-figure job is the major goal for many professionals. It may seem like a very difficult task to achieve, but it is achievable still.

10 Jobs to Make 6 Figures Salary In 2022

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10 Jobs to Make 6 Figures Salary In 2022

3.4% of Americans make six figures’ salaries. In this population, 15.5% earn between 100,000 to $149,000 and 10.3% make about $200,000.

If you have the right career path and a dose of dedication, you can make six figures.

Getting a complete formal education is not the major prerequisite here. As we will see in this article, there are some ways to make six figures without going to college.

What Is a Six-Figure Income?

It is simple. A six-figure income is an annual income of at least $100,000. This will mean a monthly income of somewhere above $8000. It is not often easy to make this amount of money if you do not have a very promising job.

However, there are ways to get into the six figures bracket. To start earning six figures, you need to think outside the box. Consider learning a new skill by taking advantage of the growth of certain sectors to find the six-figure job that will be suitable for you.

You do not need to search too far as we have compiled a list of 10 amazing six-figure jobs to make your search and considerations easier.

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What Skills Are Most Needed to Achieve a Six-Figure Income?

To land a six-figure job, you will need some special sets of skills. In this article, we have grouped these skills into hard and soft below;

Hard Skills

The best place to start when trying to get a six-figure job is tech skills. This is because the growth of this industry is massive and cannot be ignored.

You will have to learn some skills in software and technology like coding languages, web development, back and front end, SEO google analytics, design, etc.

All these skills can be learned online without the need for a university education.

Soft Skills

The skills here are more of inherent knowledge and ability. These skills cannot be taught. They can only be developed and encouraged.

Soft skills are transferrable, examples of these skills include;

  • Interpersonal communication
  • Problem-solving
  • Critical thinking
  • Public speaking and presentation skills
  • Project management
  • Time management

If you are dedicated to earning a six-income salary through a passive income or a job, some personal attributes are very important to cultivate. These attributes are;

  • Self-motivation
  • Perseverance
  • Embrace risks
  • Network
  • Think outside the box
  • Optimism
  • Confidence
  • Planning
  • Research

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6 Figure Salary Jobs

There are several ways to earn a six-figure salary, a few of them are listed below;

Software Developer

The average annual salary of a Software developer is $103,620 (according to US News).

The major function of these experts is to write codes that make software and products work accurately. Their implementation cuts across video games, robots, mobile applications, and operating systems.

To become a software developer, you will have to learn various machine coding languages. You will also have to take online courses and coding boot camps to learn all the required skills.

To be better recognized, complete these courses from well-known and accredited sources.

Full Stack Web Developer

The average annual salary of a full-stack web developer is $111,361. According to indeed.

These professionals combine skills in the front and back end of website development. They work on both the creation and operation of websites.

To become a full-stack developer, you must have a computer science degree. That is a great starting point. After that, you can learn every other thing online.

Your knowledge base should focus on front-end coding, user interfaces languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript, JQuery, ReactJS, and Mobile design.

In back-end development, there is a lot to learn here, including Python and Ruby on Rails. You will also need very good knowledge of database management and API architecture.

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UX Designer

According to the glass door, the average salary of UX designers is about $136,335

User experience designers create an environment where the end-user interacts with the products or services. The work or job of a good UX designer is to create a seamless experience for customers to allow them to use online services from any device.

To enter into this profession, you might not need a Data science or a computer science degree. You can become a UX designer through online classes. These courses will have the best combination of project-based learning and mentors to get actual support from actual experts.

Data Scientist

The average salary of Data scientists is $113,309 (according to Glassdoor).

Data science involves using and manipulating data sources to find information that can be used to create meaningful and actionable insights.

This profession is useful across all industries from health care to commerce.

To be a Data scientist, you must be an expert in statistics and probability. You must have studied computer science. You must have good communication skills. You can decide to have a Data Science degree or attend online coding boot camps and other courses that can provide you with the knowledge that you need.

Financial Manager

According to the U.S news, the average annual salary of these experts is about $127,990.

The major duty of these experts is to coordinate and oversee the financial activities of major companies from financial reports to profit projections.

The minimum qualifications needed to become a financial manager is a bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, economics, or business administration. To get into the big companies, you will need a master’s degree. ‘

To get a very good role, you may need to have five years of experience.

Airline Pilot

The average salary of these experts is $110,816 (according to Glassdoor).

You might not need a formal education to qualify to become a pilot. There are usually strict training requirements. To become any kind of pilot, you will need a license and a certain number of flying hours.

To become a pilot, you will have to go through a full-time integrated course or modular training.  The education cost will be about $70 -$200

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The average annual income of realtors depending on the area is $100,000.

The real estate market is a very steady market having properties with values remaining a tradeable commodity. Realtors will always be relevant because people will always be looking for new homes.

Realtors are typically paid on commission bases with average rates of 5%.

To become a real estate agent, you will have to pass a licensing exam.

Network Marketing

Network marketing is also known as direct sales and multi-level marketing.   Here a company creates a product or service and then recruits dependent representatives to sell it for them.

These representatives are paid in form of commission on sales and encourage others people to sign up under them. They are paid from sales and percentages from their downlines.

If you can use your network, encourage others to take the risk, and invest money, energy and commitment, you can go into this.

Property Investment

The average annual income for property management is over a hundred thousand dollars.

This profession does not need a degree of any sort, or informal education, all you need here is an idea of what the market looks like and where investments are more likely to be more buoyant.

To make money in this profession, you will need to have a very large portfolio. This could take some time and risks too.

Passive Income

The term “passive income” is used to describe a way of making money without having to do anything. Your salary depends on the path that you have chosen. There are different ways to make passive income. These streams might include;

  • YouTube
  • Onlyfans/Patreon.
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Index funds.
  • High dividend stocks.
  • Become a business silent partner

Making passive income does not mean doing anything at all, it means doing something that will produce repeated effects with time.

How To Make 6 Figures from Home

Contrary to many beliefs, people can make six figures from their homes; with all the jobs and skills listed in this article, you can become self-employed, gather loyal clients, and make as much as you want. Good examples of the jobs you can use to make six figures on your own are;

  • Freelance Writing.
  • Run Online Store.
  • Sell Overstocks Online.
  • Start an Amazon FBA Business.
  • Publish Public Domain.
  • Electronics Recycling.
  • Become a freelancer on Fiverr.
  • Buy and Sell Domain Names

Jobs That Make 6 Figures Without College

Of course, there are some 6 figure jobs that do not require a four years college degree. Some jobs might require that you put some ample time to work to make up for the lack of college experience. However, some new-age jobs can help you make 6 figures within two to three years after starting. Below are some examples of these jobs;

  • Business Owner
  • Sales Consultant
  • Real Estate Broker
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Plumber
  • Site Manager
  • Radiologist
  • Head Chef
  • Freelance Writer
  • YouTuber
  • Blogger Professional Athlete

These are just a few of the many jobs that can give you six figures without a college degree.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is A 6-Figure Salary Good?

Earning a 6-figure income is more like the epitome of success for many people. A six-figure salary is good pay but you do have to take into account other factors like cost of living and geographical way. If you want to save more of your income, consider staying in less expensive cities.

What Jobs Pay a Million Dollars Per Year?

7 figure jobs include corporate CEO, investment banker, professional athlete, and law firm, partner.

Do Tech Jobs Pay Well?

Of course, they do. Tech jobs are considered to be 6 figure jobs because of the high demand, remuneration, and bonuses they receive. Some of the highest-paid tech professionals are data scientists, big data engineers, software architects, and product managers.

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