Amazon takes $50 off its 2-Series Fire TVs

Amazon takes $50 off its 2-series Fire TVs, which as you should recall are already affordable. And with the prices kicking off a t$150, these HD TVs in question are a great option if you are after a budget-friendly option that delivers all of the required basics as well.

Amazon 2-Series Fire TVs

Amazon 2-Series Fire TVs

There is a big competition at the moment for the best TVs currently in the market which is something that can make shopping for a new one quite overwhelming, many of the latest models boast cutting-edge features such as 8K resolution as well as AI upscaling. But at most times, what we are really after is a good enough decent picture, an affordable price tag, and a good user-friendly interface. There is still a good number of these more basic models to hat regard out there, and at this moment, you can now get some of them at a discount.

Discounted Prices

Amazon is at the moment offering $50 off its budget-friendly 2-Series Fire TVs, so you can now get the 32-inch model for just $150 or the 40-inch model on the other hand for $200. Released in the early parts of this year, the new 2-Series TV is one of the few current TV lineups that do not have 4K resolution.

Specs and Features

But instead, these 2023 models sport a 720p HD display, which should not matter too much at these sizes, as well as support for HDR10 as well as HLG. But while they will not be able to compete with the picture quality of more advanced models in the market, they still sport plenty of helpful smart features. They are also equipped with Amazon’s Fire TV OS, so you can still get access to all your favorite streaming services and platforms, and the remote in question has a built-in microphone for easy hands-free navigation.



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