Complete Guide on How to Use Facebook Dating on Android and iOS Devices

One of the main reasons why Android and iOS devices are still being used today is as a result of the availability of applications. If you would recall right from the time of mobile devices many operating systems like Symbian and Java have come and gone. They could not stand the test of time because they are seriously limited in terms of application.

Complete Guide on How to Use Facebook Dating on Android and iOS Devices

On Android and iOS, the case is not the same. One of the most used applications on Android and iOS devices is the Facebook application. And on Facebook, one of the most useful features is Facebook dating. That being said ladies and gentlemen, I welcome you to our complete guide on how to use Facebook dating on Android and iOS devices.

Complete Guide on How to Use Facebook Dating on Android and iOS Devices

There are so many applications that do take the time of users of Android and iOS devices in fact they are very many. Apps such as gaming applications and social media applications are the number one time consumers of these two platforms. Take yourself as an example for instance in a day you look through Facebook and play an online game more than you use other applications.

Facebook on its own is more than a simple social media platform it was exactly described by its owner as a Metaverse. What this means is that on Facebook you carry out several activities that are not even related to socializing. But the feature we will be focusing on from Facebook today is Facebook dating.

It is one of the most useful features that Facebook has released to date, it is so useful it is still being rolled out to more locations. Let’s take a look at what Facebook dating is below.

What is Facebook Dating?

Facebook dating is simply a feature that was introduced into the Facebook platform in 2019. It is a feature that will help the over 200 million singles using Facebook at that time to find dates. The dating feature was directly focused on singles on Facebook to find love. As of 2019, there were over 200 million singles on Facebook which was why this feature was directly targeted at them.

On Facebook dating users purposely activate the feature on their account so as to have a romantic relationship with any Facebook dating user. If you have been using Facebook for a while looking for a partner or a date this feature can make that possible. This means you can simply head over to Facebook with the intention to find someone to mingle wor and connect with.

When the feature launched it was only available in selected locations or regions of the world. That is why when the feature quickly became a hit Facebook started rolling to more locations. In order to make use of Facebook dating, the feature must first be rolled out in your location.

How does Facebook Dating Work in 2022?

Facebook dating working process is similar to most of the major dating applications that we have out there. If we had to check you are probably using some other dating application to find a date for yourself.

There are hundreds of dating applications and platforms all over the world that you can simply choose from. But most people on those dating platforms also love using the Facebook dating feature as well.

The reason for this is because it combines the best features of all dating applications into one making it an instant hit. As I mentioned above in order for you to use Facebook dating it must first all be available in your location.

Once dating is available in your location the next thing is to opt-in or activate it. After activating dating it is time to set up your Facebook dating profile and start getting matched with other eligible singles.

Keep in mind that you have to create an attractive and compelling dating profile with your correct information in order to get matched with people you might actually be interested in.

How to Use Facebook Dating on your Android or iOS Devices

As I have mentioned above the first step is for you to simply activate Facebook dating in your account. The next step is to create a good dating profile and start dating. I have summarised all the steps involved in how to make use of Facebook dating on your Android or iOS device below:

  • Launch the Facebook application and select the menu option.
  • Scroll down and tap on See more.
  • Select dating and tap on “Get started”.
  • Create your dating profile and add an image.
  • Tap on confirmed to publish your profile.
  • Now on Facebook dating, you will see the three buttons: Profile, Liked you, and Matches, and also a Gear icon.
  • The profile is basically your profile and you can also edit and add more info if you like.

2. Liked you are people who have liked you.

  1. Matches are people you have liked and liked and have liked you back or vice versa.
  2. The gear icon is to customize your matches to what you would consider ideal for you.
  • The heart icon is to like while the X is to dislike.
  • When you get matched you can start chatting.

If you are new to the feature it might take you a little bit of time to get used to but once you know the functions of all buttons and menus you are good to go.



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