Facebook Mobile – Facebook Mobile Vs Facebook Web | Facebook Mobile App Download

What is your take on Facebook mobile? In this article, I will be direct with you and therefore won’t be taking much of your time. Facebook mobile simply means the Facebook version for mobile devices and that is it, nothing much.

Facebook Mobile

Now, what is this article all about then? In this article as a reader, you will get to know how you can access FB from your mobile device.

Facebook Mobile

The Facebook social media platform is not just designed for web platforms and your PC alone. Just in case you never knew, here it is. FB can be accessed from across multiple devices such as your desktop PC, and mobile devices. And in this article, I will be focusing mainly on the mobile aspect or version rather than on the FB social media platform.

Facebook Mobile Vs Facebook Web

When it comes to accessing FB on mobile devices, you can do this via the application or via the web on mobile browsers such as chrome and opera mini. Over the years Facebook users have always been torn over the platform they should use to access the Facebook social media platform. While accessing Facebook from all devices it supports, the FB mobile version is the best.

Well, personally this is what I think. They all have their advantages and disadvantages; you have to choose the one that works best for you. With the FB mobile version, you get to gain access to the platform just about any time you want, from the office, and even on the go, you just name it. Now to take us further in this article, I will be telling you all you need to know in order to download the FB mobile app and how you can create an account via the FB mobile app.

Facebook Mobile App Download

The Facebook mobile app can be gotten on most mobile devices including android and iOS devices. To download the FB mobile app on your android and iOS device, follow the steps below;

  • Open or visit your device’s app store. For android devices go to the google play store and for iOS devices go to the apple app store.
  • On your device’s app store, search for Facebook using the search bar.
  • From the search results, tap on the install button for android devices and the get tab for iOS devices.

This action will begin the download and installation process of the FB mobile app on your device. The download of the FB mobile app is free.


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