Amazon SiteStripe – How Does the Amazon SiteStripe Work? Amazon Associates Sitestripe

If you are a member of the Amazon associate program and you have never heard of the Amazon SiteStripe before you are definitely missing a lot. It is definitely going to impact your productivity and lessen your passive income. Many Amazon associate has been using the sitetripe feature in ways that have been making them cool passive income and you have been left out.

Amazon SiteStripe

But today no more, in this article I will teach you everything you need to know about the Amazon SiteStripe so that you can increase the amount of passive income you make. This is a guide on everything you need to know as an Amazon associate to use this feature to make income. One thing is certain you are definitely going to need help in assessing and enabling this feature.

You are also going to need help on how to enable and work around the feature to make sure it does what it is meant to do for you. That is the reason why you need this article today. Therefore without further waste of time let’s go ahead and jump in.

What is the Amazon SiteStripe?

All members of the Amazon associates program deal so much with Amazon affiliate links. Because as an associate of Amazon you need to work with your affiliate link for products to make sure you make money. SiteStripe is a tool that is available to you as an Amazon associate which makes it easier to insert affiliate links to products from Amazon.

We all know that as an Amazon associate without your Amazon affiliate links of products people will not be able to buy from you so that you make. That is why you need to get your links out there so that people can access them and get to Amazon to buy products from you. The normal traditional way of getting affiliate links is simply to go to the Amazon associate center.

There is a faster way to do that which is through the use of the Amazon SiteStripe features which eliminates the need to go to the associate center. It is very fast and intuitive which is very super useful to all associates.

How Does the Amazon SiteStripe Work?

First of all to have access to the SiteStripe feature you need to be an associate. As an associate, you have access to this feature when you visit the Amazon website. When you visit the Amazon website you will find a toolbar at the top of the site that bar is the SiteStripe. Which is the feature you will need to easily and smartly get an affiliate link to a product from Amazon.

After logging into the website and seeing that you have access to this feature the next thing you have to do is to decide on a product you want to promise. Not that you actually need a website to promote the link you’ll be getting from this product. Now you can use the feature to generate a unique affiliate link for the product which has a unique code. This unique code contains all the details for Amazon to know you are the one who sent them the traffic.

The final stage is for you to do what you do best as an associate by embedding the link into your website. Once the link is clicked on by any of your visitors they will be taken directly to the product page on Amazon can track them from there. These visitors are assigned cookies that Amazon trust them with and they know you are the one that referred them.

How do I turn on Amazon SiteStripe?

Before we go ahead to talk about how you will be able to enable the site stripe feature let’s, first of all, clear the air. This feature is only available to those that are associated with Amazon they are the ones that only have access to it. Now that that is cleared play see how to activate or enable the feature:

  • Launch my browser and head over to the Amazon associate website.
  • Tap on sign in.
  • Now enter your Amazon associate’s details.
  • Click on sign in.
  • Now head over to the Amazon website once you are there you can now see the site stripe toolbar at the top of the page.

How do I use Amazon SiteStripe?

To start using this feature follow the block procedure I have laid down for you:

  • Log in to your Amazon associate account.
  • Click on tools and then select SiteStripe and “Learn More”.
  • Now make sure there is a green button under the menu on the SiteStripe page.
  • Finally, start linking and sharing your favorite products.



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