Amazon Expands its Healthcare Presence With a New Prime Benefit

Prime members can access 24/7 primary care for just $9 per month, and they can include extra family members for an additional $6 each.

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Amazon Expands its Healthcare Presence With a New Prime Benefit

The brand has revealed that Prime members can now sign up for One Medical, the primary care service Amazon purchased for $3.9 billion, at a substantial discount. While a regular membership costs $199 per year, the company has reduced the price to $99 annually (or $9 monthly) for Prime subscribers. This discount is immediately effective and can be accessed starting today via this link.

Amazon’s Aggressive Move into Healthcare with One Medical Partnership

Prime members now have a convenient and quicker method for accessing primary care without the weeks or months of waiting that can be common in the US healthcare system. You can include up to five more family members in a One Medical plan for $6 per person per month. This represents Amazon’s most substantial step with One Medical, following smaller discounts of $144 per year shortly after the acquisition.

One Medical provides same-day care visits, either at its physical boutique sites or via 24-hour virtual appointments. Generally, feedback about the service appears positive, but common customer complaints can revolve around issues like frequent doctor turnover. It’s not uncommon for members to switch between different doctors within just a few months, which can make it challenging to build familiarity with their healthcare provider.

Additionally, many individuals may find it challenging to cover One Medical’s annual subscription in addition to their regular insurance costs. This has prompted Amazon to encourage more people to enroll in Prime by including discounted medical care in a country where healthcare is frequently considered a luxury. There’s always the concern of whether reducing One Medical’s entry cost might result in fewer available appointments. However, it’s presumed that Amazon has conducted forecasts to determine how aggressively it can expand without compromising service quality.

Amazon aims to see a substantial increase in One Medical’s overall membership, which had 836,000 subscribers by the end of 2022, through this more affordable rate for Prime members. Amazon is also working to expand its footprint in the healthcare sector, building on the introduction of Amazon Pharmacy and the recent achievement of offering virtual care services in all 50 states. (It’s worth noting that Amazon Clinic operates independently from the One Medical business.)

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