Acura Reportedly Recalls TLX Sedans Due To Damaged Tires

Acura reportedly recalls TLX Sedans due to damaged tires. In this very recall, there are not so many cars, but one thing to note here is that damaged tires are worth paying attention to.

Acura Reportedly Recalls TLX Sedans Due To Damaged Tires

Acura Reportedly Recalls TLX Sedans Due To Damaged Tires

In the past, we have experienced some really large recalls, spanning tons to millions of cars across different models. But you should also know that not every recall is massive and in Acura’s case here, this recall is rather small, but it is however worth your attention.

Automobile-making company Acura has now issued a recall for 19 examples of the 2022 Acura TLX sports sedan. All 19 of the recalled vehicles have the same build date which is September 1, 2022. And according to the recall documents filed with NHTSA, of the whole 19 vehicles in this very recall, it is believed that 95% or 18 of the cars carry the suspected defect.

The Problem Can Be Traced To the Bridgestone Tires of the Vehicles

The problem in question is coming in from the Bridgestone tires of the car. You should know that the tires are now at fault here, but however, one of the robots that are in charge of sorting and loading tires may have unintentionally left cuts or tears in the bead area which is the place the tire seats against the wheel rim.

A damaged tire bead can further compromise the integrity of the tire thus allowing air to escape from the tire or for it to damage itself further. Any said issue with the tire such as this could very well lead to loss of control or even a crash in the event that the tire deflates quickly.

What Acura Has To Say in Its NHTSA Report

Acura in the NHTSA report notes that it has not yet gotten any warranty claims or filed reports in regard to these damaged tires, nor is it aware of any crashes or injuries that are related to the defect. Honda was just informed of Bridgestone’s faulty robot in the early parts of November thus making the automaking company initiate a voluntary recall in late December.

How Acura Is Fixing the Issue

Fixing the issue as you should know whether you believe it or not is as easy as changing a car tire. Owners of the vehicles in question will have to take their vehicles back to the dealer, where technicians will help inspect all four tires. And if any of the tires within the affected date range are spotted, they will be changed and replaced immediately. To solve the issue at the source, Bridgerton has replaced its questionable robot with a human since.


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